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Sofia’s love is pure, but even it has limits! 

Damiano and Sofia, the Duke and Duchess of San Rinaldo, have been living apart for the past five months. Damiano was the man she’s loved since she was a little girl, but there’s only so much she can take! Damiano has been keeping a mistress ever since Sofia married him. Their son is her only source of joy. Even their people are gossiping about the possibility of their divorce. When Damiano orders her to play the part of the happy wife more convincingly to squelch the rumors, she’s amazed at his gall!

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Duke means King 3  3

What do we know of marriage within royalty? We can only go on so much with documentaries and Netflix’s “The Crown” as our source of information. However, there is one thing that exists in all marriages: a bond. A bond that is built on blocks on time spent together. It helps us build trust, respect, love, and perception for the other person and their feelings. This harlequin showed us when on what happened when there was no bond. We start chronologically for guidance; hero meets heroine when she was a kid and with his younger sister planting the idea of them marrying. If you plant the idea and add in that he’s a prince then you get a girl with a major crush and dream of marrying the guy no matter the 14 year age gap. However, a bond was never built between the two. Not even one out of friendship. Next, his father dies and he becomes king a month later. Afterwards, he ends a relationship with another woman, he starts asking the heroine out for chaperoned meals. The heroine is too lovestruck over her childhood crush, not wondering if he’s meeting her for other reasons. She doesn’t add in the part about his council pressing him to marry and produce an heir. Then 3 months pass and he asks the her to marry him. He makes the promise of her settling in easy to being Duchess with his mom’s help. Yet, the woman dies right after they marry. So, they spend their time grieving and the heroine diving headfirst into being Duchess and a mother to be. Add in the 24/7 job of royalty and the two have had barely enough time to build their bond. The heroine is now in this royal marriage with a man she has fantasized but barely knows. She can’t spend any alone time with him and dealing with rumors about him being back together with his ex frightens her. The woman is only 20 years old and only after she confronts him about the rumors is when he reassures there is nothing. Yet, the heroine can see the bond they have, a bond they themselves don’t have. It’s something the hero fails to see from her side. They both try ways to spend time but neither are sitting down to have a serious talk nor listening the other person’s needs. So, she doesn’t trust his word and he gets tired of defending himself. A rift is driven between the two. They agree to spend stay apart till the hero demands that she do some public posing in order to make the public believe they are a happy couple. He even uses their son as leverage. The heroine goes with it along unhappily. Just as they’re building a bond, the hero destroys it with his comment of forbidding the heroine to perform in a Cinderella ballet because it’s shameful and not proper. I would like to take this time to divulge into this; the hero doesn’t know this ballet is a charity event the heroine is participating in. Nor will he listen to the heroine’s side of things. Adding in, Ballet is shameful???? We’re talking about a 600 year old classical form of dancing that many royalty have not only visited but also sponsored??? The man’s narrow-mindedness is too much. Now, they start building a bond that goes intimate till the heroine hears the ex is in town and they right back at the start. She tries to leave the hero with the son but he takes him away and the heroine has no leg to stand on. The hardest part was the scene where she forces her back to the hero who not only scolds her but makes her look like she’s getting the well deserved punishment. Later, he sneaks in to see the heroine’s rehearsal ballet and sees how fabulous she is. Of course, she has to give it up because one of his conditions was, “Do everything I say,”. He takes her to dinner in a private setting and for once, compliments her on her ballet. He asks why she never said and she merely repeats their past conversations. He admits his wrong and asks for a second chance with the heroine. The heroine then sees the Ex and faints. Once she awakens, the hero and heroine finally have the sit down. They admit their faults and their love for the other. Then the hero’s reveals the heroine’s fainting spell is symptom of her pregnancy. We skip to their daughter’s birth and it looks like a happy ending for everyone.

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