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This fake marriage was what I wanted… But then why does my heart ache?

“I want to protect the estate my father left behind.” That’s the wish Diana carries in her heart to get her through tough times. One day, Nikos Tramontes, a young, wealthy businessman, promises to grant her wish. He tells Diana that in order to enter high society he needs her lineage, and proposes a two-year marriage contact in exchange for a substantial amount of money. Ever since her mother abandoned her and her father, Diana has stopped believing in love, and agrees to his proposal in order to protect the estate, thinking she can resist the dangers of falling in love. However, she has no idea of the things he is planning in secret…

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love came slowly 3  3

The hero and heroine are a match made in heaven: both want a loveless marriage. Our couple seeks a marital contract that satisfies their needs. The hero needs a legitimate bloodline to help in getting a leg up in society and the heroine needs financial support to keep her family home from being sold off. They’re fine with no love thanks to their elders. The heroine’s mother abandoned both husband and heroine when she was small. Then the heroine watched the father turn into a husk from his wife’s betrayal. She also blamed herself for her father never finding love and hiding away in his mansion. Personally, I don’t see her as responsible for her father’s decision. The man couldn’t find it in himself to move forward. The hero is a product of an aristocratic affair and placed in foster care after his birth. The saddest part was when he found both parents, they turned him away very cruelly. They agree to a short-term marriage and have a short but glamorous wedding. Next, they go on their honeymoon/business trip where the heroine meets one of the hero’s closest friends. Then they get intimate but it goes south with the heroine regretting the whole thing. They separate and it halts progress in their relationship. Next, the hero gets a surprise visit from his maternal half-brother. He reveals his father has died and their mother needs to do a life saving surgery but she wants the hero to forgive her. The hero refuses but the brother gives him a short summary of his life: he was born to a man who had no love for anyone. The mother cold from the loneliness had an affair that resulted in the hero. She wanted the leave with the hero but the husband threatened to take any visitation rights to the half-brother. So, she secretly gave up the hero and then sent him money too. He agrees to meet with the mother and they make the first step in reconciling. The whole thing manages to change his perspective about everything. Then he’s notified the heroine has filed for divorce and he goes after her. They have a bit of a shout out with the heroine voicing her fears of having already fallen for the hero and what might happen to her if he breaks her heart. Their feelings reach each other and the hero redoes his proposal to the heroine. Finally they have a more private wedding for only close family and friends.

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