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The naive girl who loved you isn’t here anymore…

The day of her husband’s funeral, Christine reunites with her past lover Anatole. He is her late husband’s nephew and a successful CEO. Five years ago, Christine spent a dreamlike time with the gorgeous Prince Charming and instantly fell for him…until he dumped her saying that he had no intention of getting married. In her despair, Christine found comfort with Anatole’s uncle, Vasilis, and married him instead. Anatole thinks of Christine as a gold digger who seduced his uncle for his fortune, but there was actually a secret reason behind their marriage…

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The storyline is pretty simple: the heroine and hero reunited at the heroine’s husband’s funeral who is the hero’s uncle. The hero believes the heroine betrayed him who used him to marry his uncle. Therefore, she is a gold digger through and through. The truth is quite the opposite: the heroine confided in the uncle about her pregnancy. She had questioned the hero on his opinion of what if she were pregnant. His response was no kids and no marriage. The heroine was panicked over what to do and the uncle came up with the idea of her marry him and he would care for both baby and her. The heroine agreed and they entered a familial platonic relationship. Of course, their wedding was a real stake to the heart of betrayal for the hero. So, he refused all contact till the funeral. The hero follows her back to her house where he meets the little boy. What surprised me that even with the similar family features and the fact that the little boy called the uncle grandpa and not father, he didn’t question it. Upon discovering this little family relation, he insists on becoming a part of his life as repayment for the fact the uncle was the hero’s only parental figure in his life unlike his greedy parents. He starts popping up at the house and plays with the little boy. After promising to be there for the little boy, he proposes a marriage of convenience for the heroine. She rejects naturally and the hero states as he leaves that he won’t give up. The next day is an outing at the amusement park for the three of them. Later, he tells the heroine he wants her from the bottom of his heart but she still refuses him. They distance each other for a while but in his reflection, the hero finally realizes he loves the heroine and little boy. He rushes back and opens his heart to the heroine. The heroine finally reveals her love and the boy is his son. Then she gives him a letter the uncle left for the heroine. It’s content shows the man’s hope for the heroine and hero to reunite and marry for love. The heroine reveals the uncle’s past of having a lover but losing her along with their child. The two decide to make a new start with their little boy and head off to the beach.

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