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She’s about to fall in love with him…but she knows it will only bring her pain…

Philomena is a nurse working at a hospital in London. She’s great with patients and has passed the RN exam with the highest honors but has no one to celebrate with. Her father and cheering section has passed away, and her stepmother and stepsisters despise her occupation and are too busy enjoying their lives of indulgence to pay much attention to Philly. As she prepares to leave work, the deep voice of a man stops her in her tracks. It’s handsome Dr. Walle van der Tack from the Netherlands. He flashes her a brilliant smile and asks Philly out to dinner to celebrate her accomplishment…

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3.2 It was a miracle 3  3

We have the typical Medical Cinderella and her Doctor Prince Charming from the Netherlands. There is also the evil stepmother with her personal mission to belittle and demean the heroine whenever she calls her to do her Cinderella duties(The heroine was such a stinkin’ doormat with her). We do have two stepsisters who aren’t mean; yet, they don’t stand up to the mother about her horrible behavior towards their sister till the very end. You can critique them for that but it’s never easy to go up against one’s own mother on her behavior. Moving on, the hero meets the heroine in a crisis. He instantly finds himself attractive to her inside and out. Sadly, the man says one wrong thing and the heroine has it engraved on heart and head that the hero doesn’t want her. The poor man spends what little time in the day walking on eggshells to get the heroine’s attention/proof he wants her. He’s slowly chipping at her walls when he needed a freakin’ sledgehammer like, “No matter what other people say, I find you the most attractive woman inside and out.” Or “I want to take you out to dinner because I love spending time with you”. However, I can’t be too hard on the hero because 1) his schedule is always off, 2) there are other factors like the OW, 3) the heroine isn’t someone who believes his word easily. Now, he gets her to leave her job and work with him in the Netherlands. She agrees and meets her new co-workers who turn out to be great people. Once there, she realizes that she’s fallen for the man and yet, she believes he doesn’t love her. The heroine thinks he would go for the OW all because she’s beautiful but she fails to listen to the woman’s words. Example: the way she degrades the clinic he’s so proud of. Plus, she misses out on the cues of how he compliments her more or goes out with her alone. She also doesn’t know the hero overheard the OW conspiring with her mother over the phone of marrying the hero for his money. Then she’s called back because her step-sisters got chicken pox and their situation had me wanting to call in the police(reasons will be explained later). She tells the OW but she lies to the hero. The heroine meets with the mother who has the girls secluded in a cottage. Instead of being a responsible and loving mother who would immediately take her daughters to a hospital, the woman has them cut off from the world in order to save appearances. She dumps the heroine there without any phone if the situation gets worse and bare minimum essentials. Thankfully, the hero constantly looks for the heroine and finds her at the cottage a week later. He stands up for the heroine and takes her back to the Netherlands. Next, he goes to the OW and gives it to her straight that there’s nothing between them. Lastly, the hero finally gets out the sledgehammer of love and confesses his feelings for her. The man gives a pretty good romantic speech and she says yes. We come to the wedding where the stepmother has somehow gotten into the bride’s room to make her usual cruddy comments. If I were there, she would have been out the door with an imprint of my heel in her back. Thankfully, her daughters shove her aside to give the heroine the bouquet and a shower of compliments of who’s the true beauty in the room. It ends with hero and heroine kissing at the altar. The whole thing was nice but I wish Betty Neels could mix it up a bit more like the doctor being from another country or bringing the heroine to another country other than the Netherlands.

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