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I wonder if I’ve met him somewhere before.

When Luce, an art dealer, first arrives in Venice for work, she sees a man standing on a wharf and gets a powerful wave of déjà vu. “I wonder if I’ve met him somewhere before.” Trying to ignore the powerful feeling, she goes sightseeing around the city. And then she runs into the man from the wharf! He introduces himself as Michele, and when Luce states that it’s her first time in Venice, his expression fills with rage. Her day keeps getting stranger, but she manages to make it to her employer’s home—only to learn that her new employer…is Michele!

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It was an alright story, nothing that got my goat. The heroine is using a business trip as an opportunity to visit her mother’s homeland, plus getting away from an oppressive male admirer. I don’t just mean oppressive but also obsessive. Here are some examples: he tells the heroine that no matter what, she is marrying him. He yanks her hand to force the tightest ring on her ring finger that she spends a hard time getting off. Then he uses her absence as the chance to spread lies about how they’re getting married. Even when she gets the ring off, it’s already seen by the hero who’s give the heroine the on and off glares. The hero gives a string of lies for the heroine to follow and figure out the truth. 1) he’s the agent for the artist she admires and is currently working when he’s the actual artist. 2) his prodding questions about this being her first visit to Venice and 3) he’s single when he’s engaged to the greedy OW. She dives right into work but many strange things happen to her like cases of déjà vu, as well as the OW trying to wedge her way between the hero and heroine. Then she finds out he’s the actual artist and has a fight with the hero that leads to her falling down the stairs. The hero apologizes for his lies and plays nurse in her short recovery. They begin an intimate relationship and the heroine calls the male admirer. She learns the guy was only after her was for her body and learns extra the hero is marrying the OW. She goes to speak with the hero but overhears a conversation between the hero and OW. It’s all about how they’ve been raiding her stuff and the hero screwing her to get some family heirloom. She barges in and demands an answer; the hero states it’s because she’s the mistress of his late father and the one who swindled him out of a couple of precious family heirlooms. The heroine denies it but the hero shows evidence of a portrait of a woman who looks like the heroine. She figures out it’s her mother and has an old maid brought in who verifies the heroine isn’t the woman, leading the heroine to reveal the family relation. The hero apologies and the heroine goes home. She goes home and finds the mother’s diary. It reveals the mother and father were old lovers but he was married and she left for England where she met the heroine’s father. After decades separation, they suddenly run into each other and the passion resumes as if it never died. She calls the hero to tell what she found. As time passes, the separation becomes unbearable for the two and they head to the airport to find the other. They managed to find each other at the airport where they confess their love and plan to marry. They announce their engagement and the two other character manage to catch each other’s eyes.

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