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Suddenly, Leah’s husband informed her that he only married her because her father had threatened him!

When Leah was seventeen, she fell in love at first sight with the Greek millionaire Nik and they got married. However, Leah’s heart was soon torn apart. Nik refused to share her bed and wouldn’t even come near the house. Four years later, when her dad died, Nik informed Leah that he only married her because her father had threatened him!

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it was messy 2  2

When I first starting writing my review, my first drafted title was “collateral damage” to represent the heroine but as I changed it to “Messy” because of how the entire thing played out. I was seriously shocked by it all. In the beginning, the heroine lost her mom at a young age and was carted off to boarding school where her dad practically forgot she existed. Next, she does a bit of hop-scotch from graduating boarding school to her dad’s home and then ends up in marriage to the twenty-six year old hero. The seventeen-year-old heroine is all for it because she fell for him at first sight. Yet, their wedding/marriage is anything but blissful. Her entire marriage consists of his cold attitude towards her, his negligence or his face plastered across gossip rags with some other woman draped on him. She spends two years pining and crying for the love he never gave her. In her third year, she’s finally realizing that she wants to leave the man but stays in the marriage because it’s the only thing her father talks about when it concerns her. Then after her father’s death, she finds this artist who sweeps her off her feet. He says the sweet words and gestures, making the heroine fall for him. Then the hero shows up out of the blue with demands that she come with him to get some documents. However, nothing appears to be what he’s looking for and he lashes out at the heroine. He states their marriage only happened because the father blackmailed the man into marrying the heroine. It’s actually how the man made his millions and paid the heroine’s tuition but she had no idea about it. Now, the hero insults her at every turn but he still tries to get into bed in him (for the first time). One of his insults comes from his discovery of the heroine’s boyfriend. He mocks her but still intends to remain married to her. However, she tries to leave with the boyfriend till he finds out she’s practically penniless. His shallow betrayal pretty shakes her bad but she still leaves. Unfortunately, the hero finds her quick, pushes her into sex; and afterwards, pulls this confident smirk on his face. Next, he states she’s going with him to meet his family, who real snobs. Everyone like his parents treat him horribly even though they’re financially dependent on them. The heroine finds out it’s not just because he broke the engagement with a woman they approved of (it was a business deal without their consent, two weren’t emotionally invested into each other) but he’s the illegitimate child they secretly adopted to save face. She also finds out the kind sister is his birth mother and her husband is the hero’s biological father (but the hero doesn’t know it). She understands now, the hero was protecting her from his mostly mean family. The hero starts acting nice around the heroine but he still hangs onto the missing document as their only reason to stay married. Then he admits he should been kinder, as if he playing tug-a-war with her heart. It changes when he got at ticked at her because her affair was almost leaked to the press. He wails on her for humiliating him; this is where I actually put a half a star. She calls him out on his numerous affairs being plastered on the walls, how they embarrassed her. Later, the heroine finds the missing key to the safe deposit box that hold the document. The heroine reveals to the hero she knows it’s his birth certificate and manages to surprise him with news the husband knows about his birth. He leaves with the words, “remain my wife or you leave.” No doubt she left him since the man never gave her any real reason to stay. She manages to stay hidden for a month, working as a pianist at a hotel lounge. He comes by and relays what’s been happening. The hero ruins his plan to get the heroine back into his arms by stating, “No matter who I’ve been with, you’re the only one for me.”. Thankfully, she says no and earned a star from me. He comes by the next morning with a bouquet of flowers and a statement that he did cheat on her during their years of marriage till their last year. She earns a half a star with throwing the beaten flowers at his face. He goes on about how he fell in love with her but his pride and desire for revenge kept him. The man kept this going till the father died and then make their marriage real. He actually thought she had been fine with their cold marriage. And their last conversation was him taking a gamble and coming back to see he lost. He tells the heroine to hell with his pride because he loves her. She lets him in and it’s happy ending. However, the whole thing just didn’t sit well with me. I wasn’t big on both of them cheating, even though this is one of the few harlequins that showed a woman cheating on him.

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