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This is a loveless marriage. I only agreed to it for our son…

Fia is the chef and owner of a successful restaurant. One day her childhood neighbor Santo pays her a visit. Their families have been feuding for the past three generations. Three years ago, Fia and Santo spent a night together, but when she found out she was pregnant, he never returned her calls, and she ended up raising her son on her own. Why did he show up only now? she wonders. Go home. I never wanted to see you again… And then he discovers her son crying in the other room. “Did you think you could hide my own son from me?”

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a modern Romeo and Juliet 4  4

The whole thing is a bit of a modern day Romeo and Juliet. The heroine and hero are two feuding families who actually know the reason why the feud started: heroine’s ancestor swindled the hero’s ancestor out of some land. It right peeved the hero’s family but they’re currently the happiest family out of the two. The hero first sees the heroine when they were kids and she was hiding out at his family’s boat shack. He didn’t tell anybody of course because he knew her mom just left and her dad was abusing her. They keep both distance and an eye on the other, seeing how they grow up. The heroine watched the hero losing his dad suddenly in high school and he both watched and intervened as the heroine’s father abused her for being too like her mother. The interesting was her father never made her cry till after he died. She goes to the boat shack and meets the hero. The flood of emotions leads to a passionate tryst that both of them try to forget. Then right before the heroine figures out she’s pregnant, her greedy idiot of a brother steals the hero’s car. The brother ends up crashing and killing himself but his grief stricken grandfather blames the hero. It keeps our couple apart for three years till the hero drops in on the heroine’s famous restaurant and spots his little boy. He immediately sees the family resemblance and demands answers. Their first discussion doesn’t go well and it goes back and forth on who to provide and etc. They make headway when the grandfather collapses. He survives and reveals he knew who was his great-grandson’s father, it’s actually why he was real ticked at the hero for not taking responsibility for his actions. Now, the hero wants the heroine’s heart and all but he pushes her into a marriage before she’s even ready. So he has to court, woo, and prove that he loves the heroine for the heroine. The heroine of course won’t give in so easily because she’s been abandoned and beaten out of love by her family members. It’s quite the rollercoaster with our couple trying to figure each other out and there are bumps on the way. Slowly, the heroine finally admits to herself she loves the hero and the hero has a great expression of his love for her (redecorated the boat shack as her time alone space). They finally confess their feelings for each other and it ends happily.

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