Historical Romance THE FOUNDLING BRIDE

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I’m just a foundling… I have no right to love you.

Lowena knows it’s wrong—after all, she is only a maid—but she can’t help falling for Marcus, the second son of a noble family. When she was a baby, he was the one who found her abandoned in a field of wildflowers, and he gave her the name Lowena, which means sparkling joy in Cornish. Lowena spends her days watching the harbor, waiting for her love’s safe return from war. There she catches the eye of Marcus’s half brother, Edward, who coerces the young maid into becoming an accomplice to his crimes. Then Marcus returns and finds her helping Edward!

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a good hero 5  5

I found this to be a really good harlequin with all that it entailed. The child-hero founds finds the baby heroine in a patch of blue cornflowers with no one in sight. He takes her to the servants who her raise as their own. He couldn’t take her home due to his bully of an older half-brother. The brother has taken every opportunity to bully the hero because he’s the product of their father’s second marriage after the older brother’s mother’s death. So, yeah, the kid has some familial issues. What is unknown to all but one is the heroine is not just a foundling: she is the product of a Romeo and Juliet tragedy. Her parents were from rival noble families who fell in love. Then the heroine was born but her mother died in sickness. The maternal grandmother had both maid and baby banished but died days later in a fire that burned the family mansion to a crisp. She goes to the father’s home but all the elders are dead and the father is being held captive in Mexico. She leaves behind a letter to notify the man of his child. Then she leaves, having no idea what to do since carrying a baby with no form of employment starts ugly rumors. Next, she and the baby are separated. She does find the little girl but refuses to reveal their connection since the girl has been given protection. In the next 20 years, the hero and heroine develop a very close-knit bond even with the constant separations with the hero from boarding school to the British Army, and finally fighting for England during the American revolution. During the years, the heroine loses her foster parents and becomes the handmaid for the older brother’s wife(the better half of the man). Then she is forced into smuggling for the older brother. It’s all because he’s a Lord and she a mere servant. It will be a total of seven years before the hero and heroine finally reunite. The hero comes back in spring of 1780 and finds the heroine in her forced role as the look out. He does recognize her even if she has changed into this beautiful woman. She’s ashamed of her task but the hero can see this is the work of his evil brother who has become crueler in the last year since his wife’s death. The hand maid leaves to be with her mom in her final days and during her visit, the hero and heroine fall in love. The heroine loves the hero so much that she’s states she’ll become his mistress since she can’t be his wife. This is actually where the hero got major plus brownie points from me: he doesn’t give in. He loves and respects the heroine too much to put her in that demeaning position and stops himself from going all the way. He puts her future and feelings above his needs and I loved him for that. Now, the heroine continually caves into the brother’s pressure to keep on assisting with the smuggling. The hero tries stop it but is powerless. So, he tells his mother to send the heroine away as a form of protection. The heroine eavesdrops, hearing only part of the conversation. It causes her to misinterpret the hero doesn’t want her and secretly travels to the handmaid. Right before she arrives at the woman’s house, her biological father appears before the handmaid in a frazzled state. He just found the letter that was given to the gatekeeper(He came back to his mansion for the first time in 20 years) and is desperate to know if his daughter lives. This is where the heroine appears and it’s a tear fest. The father takes the women back home to his wife who’s overjoyed by the discovery of a daughter; since, they’re a childless couple. They introduce her to society after a couple months of training and the hero spots her. He quietly drags her away and they have the whole confession of love between the two. Next, he gets word that his brother is in danger and goes to save him. His actions stun the brother considering the hero has every reason to want him dead. In the chaos of getting everyone to safety, the brother does his first and last act of love for the hero by pushing him out of the way of a beam. The brother dies trapped but at peace by finally being with his wife. The hero and heroine are reunited and it’s a happy ending for them and their children.

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