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I’ve fallen in love once more with my arrogant ex-husband!

“If you want to get revenge, hire him,” everyone says of Xavier, the most dangerous lawyer in Sydney. He’s also Carli’s ex-husband and the biggest mistake of her life. But when they reunite for the first time in five years, their attraction is undeniable and they end up spending the night together. She becomes pregnant and, surprisingly, Xavier suggests they get back together. But she can’t forget the reason they got a divorce in the first place and firmly rejects his proposal. Xavier refuses to be turned away again and tries to win her back. But she can’t tell if he’s doing it for love or just desire…

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4.5 Both at fault 5  5

Melanie Milburne gave us a story about a marriage dissolving requires a two person contribution. Both the hero and heroine didn’t communicate with questions about what the other is thinking and why the other insists on certain ideas. Here are some examples of the dialogue of what would have happened if they spoke out and let the other in; Heroine: I want to keep working, so what’s wrong with hiring a nanny?/ Hero: My sister nearly drowned under the supervision of a nanny because she was secretly an alcoholic. AND Hero: why don’t you do as I want and become a stay-at-home mom instead pursuing your law career? Heroine: It’s because I value my independence. My mom depended on my dad both emotional and financially and when he abandoned us; she became depressed then committed suicide when I was in high school. This kind of sit-down, open-heart discussion, hold the speaking stick would have solved so many problems. There were some additional factors like the hero’s mom sabotaging the heroine because she wasn’t enough. The hero didn’t see that till the end (he did apologize for not believing in her with an actual “I’m sorry”) However, with all this chaos, I found that I really liked it. I felt it brought up the important issues of opening up, taking courage to reveal your scars, and destroying the notion that you don’t suddenly gain the super power of telepathy into your partner’s mind after saying “I do”. They married quick but it’s short lived with reasons as stated above, then separate for four years till they reunite again. We get the one night stand that’s packaged with the usual bad aftermath. After four months, the heroine sees the plus on the stick. She informs the hero who insists they marry but she rejects the notion. From there, the two start actually having to communicate through work, OB/GYN appointments, and off-hours. The hero does blackmail her into staying with him by refusing to be his friend’s lawyer in a probable divorce between their mutual friends. It’s a good example of their communication struggles but they actually start listening to the other person’s side. Next, they reach an impasse with mixed signals. It causes the heroine to leave the hero and stay with the friend. Later, the friend goes out on an overdue adult date with husband, leaving the heroine with the kids. The friends trick the two in meeting each other and we have that open-heart discussion. The hero and heroine confess their love for each other and we fast forward two years into the future where the hero’s parents are nicer since the arrival of their grandson and the hero and heroine are expecting another kid.

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