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Hugging her the first time they meet? Who is this guy?

Since her husband’s death, Rose has been living quietly in a small town. One day the handsome lawyer Sam Horton appears in her neighborhood and disrupts her peaceful life. Even though he treats her like a child and pesters her, Rose can’t help but be drawn to him and his daughter. Still, haunted by her past marriage, she tries to push Sam away. However, unbeknownst to Rose, Sam isn’t interested in her only out of attraction. He’s on a secret mission…

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You really can't get much better than this 5  5

If you aren't into the artificial drama of tortuous backstories, manipulative families, and lying OW/OM, this might be a tale you will enjoy. I know I did. SPOILERS INCLUDED: The primary characters are the widowed wife of a disabled war vet who was killed in a hit and run a year previous, her housekeeper (and mom-figure who thinks its time for her find someone new), a reckless, impulsive lawyer sent to conduct a long term investigation, and his wheelchair bound daughter. Among the supporting characters are two kittens and later a dog. While the story doesn't revolve around the animals, it would lose a lot without them (especially that first night - lol). The only thing that didn't sit super well with me was the lawyer's (hero's) impulsive intimacy, but it certainly moves the relationship along. What did I like about this story 1) there was NO BBV (Bed Before Vows), in fact there was no bed right after the vows either, but you'll see. 2) There is subtle comedy on nearly every page from the hero and heroine taking soft swipes at each other, diliberatly twisting words or circumstances, other characters adding their two cents or even just in the way thing are worded sometimes ['and who are you to be blackmailing us with said kitties'] and 3) we have a little mystery going on in the background. The hero WAS sent to investigate something. It not an overly complicated story, so to try and do my normal summary might actually give away more than intended, but you really have to read it to appreciate it. The humor carries it along quite nicely, but there is enough drama to punctuate it along the way. I'm don't usually hand out 5 stars easily, but if I could, I'd give this one a 6. Needless to say, I really enjoyed it. I would even say its bookshelf worthy.

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