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He’s cold-hearted and the worst boss ever…so why does she want to remain by his side?

Twenty-two-year-old Olivia just got a job at a wildly successful company—Inferno. She was supposed to start a position in the accounting division, but when she got there on her first day, she was told to report to the CEO as his temporary secretary! Tucker is smart and level-headed in his decision-making, and as the CEO of Inferno he’s become a billionaire. After Olivia finds out she’ll be fired if she doesn’t take the position, her tall, handsome boss appears. While fear and yearning tug her heart in different directions, Tucker makes a tyrannical declaration: “Don’t ask questions, don’t give your opinion. Just do the work you’re told to do.”

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Good read- hits the heart strings 5  5

Such a good read. I love how it ended. I love how Olivia stuck it out and stayed true to herself. I also love how the boss found love in a unexpected way and everyone supported them. I would definitely read it again.

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3.8 pretty nice 4  4

The heroine is a temp who gets a sudden change in job assignment: she’s the hero’s personal secretary. His attitude and demands along with employee’s opinions leaves a less than pleasant impression of himself on the heroine. The heroine has little choice in terms of quitting she needs to become powerful and successful to overcome the demons of her past. The man’s demands are ridiculous but the heroine navigates through with only hitting one or two bumps. Her impression of the man does start changing for the better when he protects her from a over-friendly client. Then he meets her family who are a bundle of excitement and practically flabbergast the hero. Yet, he enjoys the experience. Next comes the hero’s biggest Client who becomes fond of the heroine. He has a special request for the hero: help him connect with his long lost son. Spoiler: It’s not the hero but the Client wants his helps since the son was raised as an orphan, a life the hero lived as well. The Client forces the hero’s hand in making the heroine accompanying him on a business trip. They meet the son, an artist under the guise of exhibiting his work. The trip has the hero and heroine discuss about the heroine’s past. She was almost raped by a rich boy in college but the opposing party was overwhelming and the heroine was pressured to drop since lawyers cost a lot and the other party brainwashed her some crud. Her story moves the hero to promise that he’s someone she can count on. The project continues as does the hero and heroine’s relationship like how he goes to visit her personally when she doesn’t come to work. Then the two are called in a work emergency for the Client’s exhibit. The heroine runs into her rapist who tries to seduce then manhandle her but the hero gives him a left hook. The idiot tries to scare the hero with, “Just wait for my parents to find out…” and yada yada but it’s like a chihuahua yipping at a wolf. The hero scares him away with his tail between his legs. The next problem pops up when the artist overhears the guests talking about him being the Client’s illegitimate son, plus his new found manipulative cousin wanted to take a jab at the hero rejecting her. It’s almost set stone of the son running off in anger and hurt but the hero manages him to give the Client a chance, using his own experience of foster care and the yearning to call a man his father. The son goes back to the client and they begin building their father/son relationship. Suddenly, the heroine’s family pops up with the hero stating he brought them to show the heroine’s success. The heroine confesses her love but the hero rejects the heroine till her father gives him the fatherly advice and courage needed to take a leap for love. He confesses he loves her too and they go back to New York where they tell the hero’s new snotty secretary that the heroine will be taking maternity leave soon. I found the ending to be quite funny.

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