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This fateful gem will reunite me with my ex-husband, who disappeared on our wedding night…

After Francesca’s millionaire father died, she was taken in by a kind old man named Jacques. When they discover that Jacques has cancer and needs money for treatments, she plots to take back the Devil’s Heart jewel from Marcos, a businessman she married when she was eighteen. Young and naive, she had given him the Devil’s Heart. But before they’d even spent their wedding night together, Marcos disappeared with the jewel. Can she steal the jewel back without losing her heart to Marcos all over again?

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The story was fine, not really what I was looking for. So, the hero and heroine met when the heroine was in her late teens and he was the one man who was kind to her without any ulterior motive. The heroine already had it hard with being constantly berated by her spoiled mother and sister for her size and the attention her father gave her(why? They weren’t giving her any). The father wants to make the heroine happy and comes up with the lie to the hero that the heroine went to him personally to make the hero marry him and will even throw in a jeweled necklace as the dowry. The ticked off hero goes along with the marriage to get it but abandons the heroine on their wedding night the moment she hands him the necklace. The poor girl is further insulted but the father doesn’t want to call the police for strange reasons. Then he commits suicide after the hero destroys his company plus his uncle’s company. The heroine is kicked out by her horrible family and it’s eight years pass before our couple run into each other again. So, the heroine is currently stealing the jewel( to save her sick boss)but she doesn’t wear any disguise or mask to hide her identity. The hero catches her but she manages to get away with the jewel but the relief only lasts for a moment. The hero doesn’t know who she truly is what with her weight loss until she leaves. He tracks her down quickly and they negotiate hard on the deal. The hero states she has to live as his wife for three months. The two nip and bite at each other a lot, using their past feelings and past ordeals. Thankfully, they divulge their past piece by piece to each other. The hero reveals the jewel was in his family’s till his uncle stole after framing the hero’s parents as insurgents in their homeland. The heroine believes his words and he believes her words too like how she never begged the father to push the hero into marrying her. He figures out she’s different from her family and she sees how dedicated he is to saving kids on the streets. It originates from his days of living on the streets and suffering torture. Torture that caused him to have PTSD, which the heroine helps by waking him up and just being there. Then an teen parent disappears and leaves her child behind. It causes the heroine to reveal she was engaged to another man who got her pregnant but he disappeared. She was ready to be a mom; yet, six months in and robbers broke into the store. They beat her so badly that she not only miscarried but lost any chance of ever conceiving again. She almost lost herself until her boss nursed her back to health. Her story really shakes the poor hero who blames himself for what happened. The heroine says it’s not his fault and that he shouldn’t shoulder the world’s problems. They finally open up to each other, still the heroine believes the contract is in place. Her heart can’t take the idea of counting down to divorce day and leaves early to avoid pain. He chases after her, proclaims his love, and tells her they can adopt the little orphan baby. It was an awfully nice ending.

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