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A commoner like me could never be his queen…

Amy works as a curator at the Royal Palace Museum in the small European country of Agon. There she falls for Prince Helios and the two start a secret relationship. However, as he is soon to become king, their relationship was never meant to last and he soon decides to throw a ball to choose his future bride. This breaks Amy’s heart as she realizes she’s in love with Helios. She decides to end the relationship then and there, but Helios urges her to stay…as his mistress!

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3.5 he really wanted her as his mistress 4  4

I have read my fair share of harlequin men demanding, offering, extorting, and the classic blackmailing their female counterparts to be their mistresses. Yet, this hero took “Be my mistress” to a whole new level. It was just astounding but I loved how the heroine stood by her answer: NO. To summarize: the hero and heroine meet at his country’s big museum where the heroine, despite being a foreigner, has a great in depth of knowledge about his country. They have an open secret relationship that goes on for six months till the hero drops the bomb on the heroine that he’s going to pick his future wife at a party. He’s acting like their relationship will continue on but she gives it to him straight there’s no next time. The ridiculous part is the hero still thinks the heroine will go along with the whole mistress since the woman he’s choosing holds no romantic feelings for him nor minds there being another woman. I liked the scene where how the heroine piled everything the hero ever gave her as a sign it’s over. Frankly, I’m surprised the hero didn’t think the heroine wouldn’t take the mistress route because he KNOWS she has MORAL INTERGRITY. Their values actually stem from the hard parts of their pasts. The hero wants someone with no feelings because he grew up watching his mother love and cling to his father who was a royal domestic abuser plus cheater. This destructive relationship spiraled so bad that when the father went to meet one of his mistresses, his mother chased him and drove their car to their deaths. The heroine’s past is happy but filled with questions. She grew up in a happy family till her curiosity lead to the discovery that she’s a product of an affair between her father and a maid from the hero’s homeland. She was raised lovingly by her father’s wife who’s really an awesome woman. It’s actually why she came to the country in the first place: to meet her birth mother and get answers. Sadly, during this breakup, she does meet the mother who only wants the heroine’s existence to be kept hidden for appearances sake. The hard truth for the heroine is the affair only started was because the birth mother seduced the father when he caught her wearing his wife’s jewelry. The two do open up about each other’s pasts, helping them see why the other is making choices. The heroine also learns the press for marriage is because the hero’s beloved grandfather is dying. However, she meets the future bride and her words(not unkind) push her to leave the hero for good. During their time apart, the heroine talks to her mom(real, not birth) about her birth. I loved how the mom explained it all. Next, the grandfather dies and the funeral finally causes the hero to realize how alone he is without love(heroine). He sees the heroine and chases her to the airport. The hero catches her at the airport and gives a great “pour out his heart” speech. The heroine accepts his love and they have a few more obstacles in getting their marriage accepted(none come from the ex-fiancée). The heroine getting married to country royalty pushes the birth mother to reveal her connection to her husband and the world. The woman actually believed she would sit in the front row at the chapel but the heroine saved that row for her real mother. The story ends with the hero and heroine kissing at the altar and it was nice.

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