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They are from different worlds, but the temptation to touch her is too great to ignore…

Without revealing the fact that she is the daughter of an earl, Octavia has been producing fabulous results as Lisette and Philippa’s governess. Edward is stunned by her competence, backed by her intellect and kindness, but he has been suffering from the attraction he feels for her. Could they ever be together despite the differences in their social standings? He makes an effort to distance himself from Octavia, but the farther apart they are, the greater his longing for her becomes. One day, he finds her asleep in the house and is unable to fight the temptation to touch her…

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4.5 it wasn't expected but definitely needed 5  5

Now, we start right where we left off in book one but the hero and heroine are running around base 1 and 2, then the pair come to their senses. They leave and we have roller coaster of events happening. The hero learns from his snobbish relative that the heroine has a lover at the inn. The man feels betrayed and sacks the heroine very coldly. She leaves without a note to the girls. The older girl pushes the reason and when she discovers why, she scolds them for sacking the heroine over hugging her own brother. She even reveals the heroine’s real last name in anger. The hero does some research and learns of the heroine’s true identity, leading him to believe that she was messing around with them. Afterwards, the group come to London where the heroine makes her formal introduction and turns the old crone’s attitude 180 degrees in her favor. It’s an awkward time for our two main characters with their trying to figure each other out, while dealing with their emotions on overdrive. Things go bad when the heroine states to the hero she’s only there for the girls and doesn’t want the hero to get in her way. Later at a ball, the heroine runs into the ex-fiancée and thinks he’s a fine gentleman. She decides to give the girl and guy a moment for the girl to reject and say her good-byes. The girl does say good-bye but the hero is angry at the heroine for letting the man within ten feet of his niece. He reveals the true reason of why the engagement was canceled: the man is a murderer. Two years ago, he not only raped but murdered a servant’s daughter. His family bought the servant family’s silence but the hero and his family found evidence. They go back to the ball with a rift forming to see the ex-fiancée already making a ruckus. The hero kicks the man out and glares hard at the heroine. She takes it as a sign he’ll never forgive her much less want to be with her. Next, she heads back to the mansion with the hero, his nieces, and her brother not far behind. They relay the joyous news that the heroine’s brother and hero’s niece are engaged. Suddenly, they’re interrupted by the ex-fiancée and his posse of hoodlums. The guy looks more villainous; he’s come to kill and then kidnap the niece to be his bride. Thankfully, the younger niece jumps on him and starts a chaotic battle. In the midst, the heroine is knock unconscious by the villain’s gun who gets crushed by a falling iron chandelier. As the heroine awakens, she hears the hero shouting his love for her to the doctor. He restates his love when she’s fully come to. Then we end our story with a triple wedding(hero and heroine, niece and brother, heroine’s father and family friend).

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