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Is my dream of being loved heart, soul and mind so unattainable?

Lily didn’t even try to hide her shock when she opened the front door to find Bastian standing there. Just forty-five days ago, she had met this handsome, kind man and spent the night with him, something she would normally have never done. As her landlord’s son, he’s come to tell her that she needs to move out so they can develop the land. But she also has something to tell him… That night they spent together resulted in a new life growing inside her. When she tells him about the pregnancy, he says they should get married out of obligation to the child. Does Lily have to get married to someone she doesn’t love…again?

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one night is all it took 5  5

Our main characters meet in the typical bar setting where one thing leads to a passionate night and no good-bye in the morning. Then over a month later, the heroine not only finds out she’s pregnant but the hero is her landlord’s son who is evicting her out of her current housing. The man will completely reimburse the heroine as well as assist in finding her another spot to live but she refuses. Afterwards, she finally notifies him about his future parenthood. The hero handles the news better than some heroes but there’s some navigating between characters on what’s the next step. The hero puts down marriage and much discussion, the heroine agrees to it idea. I liked how they start slowly connected with cooking, eating, and talking. They help each other when opening up to pieces of their painful pasts. For example, the heroine encourages the hero to talk with his father about feelings in regards to his mother’s death. What happened is the hero was a kid who snuck out to play in the evening and his mother got killed in an accident, looking for him. His dad was so lost in his grief that he said the wrong thing and ended up spending much of his life grieving for his wife and regretting his words to the hero. He had no idea that his words made the hero believe he killed his mom. The two men do reconcile and it’s really heartwarming. The heroine opens up about how her parents abandoned her at different times then how her husband left her as well. He comforts her with hugs and words, I found it quite tender. Next, comes when the hero and heroine faces ex’s from their past. They both get jealous of the ex, despite the other person stating it’s over and they care for them now. The heroine’s ex came to apologize and reveal he’s gay; however, the hero’s ex is a woman doesn’t want to give up the hero, even though she’s moved on. In fact, her second attempt causes a big fight between our main couple and leads them to confess their love one after the other. They accept each other’s love and our ending is their wedding but no baby.

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