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The wounds he left on my heart still haven’t healed…

In high school, Molly was a little plain and chubby and yet her crush, Des, asked her out! She thought things were going well between them until Des left for college without saying a word of goodbye. Years later, Molly has transformed into a beautiful woman. When Des returns to town, he doesn’t even recognize her. But the wounds he left on her heart still haven’t healed…

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I liked it 4  4

I found myself really liking this story. We have the hero and heroine who met in high school but under bad circumstances. The hero came from a broken home who was given a paid job by the heroine's father to date his daughter in order to bring up her popularity. The hero agreed since he believed the daughter was some kind of a snob but she turned out to be a real sweetheart. He feel for her warmth and took her to prom then it ended when his college girlfriend found out. He spilled thing beans and that was it for him. He soon upped and disappeared on the heroine, never knowing the damage he left behind. The heroine finds out the hard way(girlfriend told the entire school) that the hero was only paid by her father to date her. The father insensitively admits it with no shame or guilt on his part. So, for the rest of her high school life, the heroine has to deal with the hard bullying who use the incident to hurt the heroine. Once she graduates, she leaves home to avoid all contact with her family(that goes on for years), marries the first guy she dates (who turns out to be an adulterer), and then divorces him. After that, she becomes a teacher where her life gets better. Then in comes the hero as a contractor for the school she work at. The man has no idea who she is (major natural weight loss and long hair). She behaves aggressively towards him and he can't make heads or tails why. The hero finally figures out who the heroine is, understanding why she hates him (believes it's about how he disappeared on her). He comes by her apartment to talk but ends up volunteering for one of the male auctions for charity. I did like how we got to see the hero's perspective. Then the heroine gets the hero at the auction in order to get him pretend they're dating for her high school reunion. The heroine needs a shield to protect herself from her past bullies. The hero happily agrees and tries to spend time with the heroine even though she resists. However, fate sides with the hero who gets his chance to talk and open up to the heroine about his hard past. Later in the week, the hero is given a contract by the heroine's father and some insight of his estranged relationship with the heroine. On the night of the reunion, the hero finally learns the suffering the heroine went through from his actions. They get the whole gasps and everything from the audience who are flabbergasted by the heroine's look. Her bullies come in to harass and they reveal what the hero's ex-girlfriend revealed to the entire school and heroine. When the two are alone, the hero tries to talk but the heroine cuts him off with her words and how they're relationship ends. He takes a gamble by proclaiming they're engaged and gives this great speech. The heroine is too shocked to contradict and tries to play it off after the party. The hero tells her he truly wants to marry her and after some convincing, she says yes. Next, the hero's EX comes back because she found out the hero is in a contract with the heroine's father, which means he'll be rich. The heroine overhears and thinks the hero only used her again. She tries to run away but the hero whips her over his shoulder. He carries her to her father's office along with the Ex and tells the father that he won't take the contract even though his company needs it badly. He scolds the father for never asking what the heroine wanted. He asks the heroine if she'll once more share her life with him and she exclaims yes. They leave once the heroine has said her piece to her dad. It's a few years before the two get married and in that time, the heroine's relationship with her dad has gotten better since he's walking her down the aisle. It's a nice ending

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