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I lost the memory of your betrayal because I loved you…

Emiliano, her boss, was the most important person in Sienna's life. She’d never felt more loved and dreamed of the day he would propose. Then she learned that he was engaged to a woman from a wealthy family, and her dreams crumbled. Even though he was the one who dumped her, he tried to kiss her one last time, but she pushed him away and ran. She has no memory of what came after. When she comes to later, all she remembers is Emiliano’s love for her. Then she learns she’s pregnant with his baby…

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I was curious 3  3

I saw the stars with 1 and 2, thinking that I should see how bad it was. I have to say that it wasn't too bad at all. It was a simple case of not listening and then some lying. We have the hero and heroine in a happy and healthy relationship that's public to everyone at the company. Then the heroine walks in one day with the stares and see a paparazzi rag with a photo of the hero and another women under the title "marriage". She does the right thing by confronting the hero about it. She asks him if it's true and the stupid man says, "Yes". We don't find out till further along that it's not true at all. Summarize: Hero has a bad relationship with parents who doted upon the older brother since he was the heir. Then the father made some bad financial choices that has put the company in the red. All that pressure and expectation just crushed the brother who was put in a coma. Before he went under, he begged the hero to help their parents out. The hero agreed since his brother was the only person who stood by his side throughout his life and against their parents. He starts helping but his domineering dad does some backdoor dealings with another company that will loan money if the hero marries their daughter. The hero didn't know and was against the whole thing when he found out. He only went to meet the woman to comprise on his brother's wish and reject kindly. Unfortunately, paparazzi took a photo and twisted it. The bigger problem was the hero's first choice of word, "Yes". This is where I can see where the low rated stars come in here. The man had so many better options like, "Will you listen to my side?" "I want to talk about it." or the best one: "She's the fiancee my parents chose but I refuse." That would have been so much better and would have led to a conversation that explained it all. Instead it's ruined with yes that causes the heroine to resign from the hero's company, move out of their apartment, and take a job offer from his competitor. This is all before he gets a chance to explain A few months later, the hero finds her again and tries again to explain but she won't hear it. Then she hits her head against some ice and it causes amnesia. She can't remember the last few months and the doctors announce she's pregnant. It's a shocker for them both and the hero decides to pull a thinly veiled lie that they're getting married. It's a pretty dumb move but he's desperate man. This new start gives the hero and heroine a chance to learn about each other's past, developing a strong bond. During this whole time, the hero meets opposition with his father on marrying the OW but the hero states he'll marry the heroine and he does. Even after he marries the heroine and after he pays off the debtor's family's money, plus buying their shares in order to get them to back off; the father doesn't. He comes barging in with the OW, demanding the hero divorce the heroine and marry the OW. The whole thing sets the heroine off who collapses. She falls into a week long coma and awakens with her memories all back as well as the sight of an anxious hero. He explains what happened and the heroine admits she should have listened to him first. A year later, the hero and heroine are enjoying life with their new daughter plus the hero's brother who came out of the coma. It's a happy ending and all but not good and yet, not bad too.

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