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I know that there’s no place for me in his life, but just maybe…

Wedding planner Skye is shaking at the unexpected reunion between her and her ex, Nick, who is the best man at a wedding she’s in charge of. Four years ago, she left him without a word and it’s unlikely that he’s forgiven her for that. Just saying his name makes her heart ache even now… Then the next day, too many flowers and chocolates to hold are delivered to her workplace. Is this some sort of game he’s playing to try to get her back for being the one person he couldn’t control? But she can’t let him find out the real reason why she left him…

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This is actually going to be a pretty short review on the story, it moved fairly fast. Our main characters reunite at a wedding rehearsal where the hero is attending as the best man and the heroine is working as the planner. It's unexpected but an opportunity for the hero to get some answers. Four years ago, the heroine just disappeared up and out of the blue. The hero tried frantically to find her but then turned to date-hopping multiple women in order to forget her and his pain. Now, he has the chance to find out what happened. They go through some hoops with flowers and chocolates till the heroine lies that there was another man. The truth is that she had his baby. Why didn’t she tell the man? It's because he watched his parents work bone weary to provide for their kids, sacrificing their dream careers. Plus, his dad always wailed and still wails about kids ruining everything (and he’s a grandpa for goodness sake). This whole mantra was passed onto the hero who couldn't go one day without saying, "I don't want kids" or anything. In my opinion, it's not a bad reason, even it is unfair. Now, the hero meets the little girl but doesn't know she's his daughter till the heroine tells him at point blank. Right there, the man goes off to do some deep self-reflection. He finds himself more upset that she didn't tell him and missing out the first three years of his baby girl's life then having a kid. He also realizes why the heroine couldn't tell him with his constant chanting of his mantra. He goes to the heroine and little girl to build a bond but waits for the heroine's okay to tell his daughter that he's her father. The hero makes his intentions clear to be family man, despite the heroine's disbelief. They go slow, then the hero wants the heroine and daughter to meet his family. By family, I mean the hero's scrooge of a father. The hero pulls this lie about how he's only going to pay child support, keep the daughter out of his life in order for the father to even agree to meet the heroine and daughter. Yet, his lie is overheard by the heroine who thinks it's the truth. She refuses to go but the hero convinces her to agree. Then they meet the father and it's where the truth comes to light. The hero says he's not giving up neither heroine or daughter and they won't "ruin his life". He tells the man to give it a rest and I agree the hero’s statement. I mean the man spent so much time focusing on the lack of a career that he failed to see the abundance of love he had with his kids. There are people who are rich but not all have that supportive family, friend, or spouse love as their rock. They leave and it's long enough for the old man to realize it's time to start anew. He takes the first step by holding his granddaughter. As they head back to back, the hero clears up the misunderstanding. It ends with the heroine accepting his wish.

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