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Her estranged husband has amnesia. She knows the devastating truth that drove them apart. Should she tell him?

After Amy receives a call from her sister-in-law about her estranged husband Michael’s car accident, she returns to his side to take care of him—and help him through his amnesia. He doesn’t remember a thing, including the tragedy that caused him and Amy to separate. Amy feels torn between Michael’s renewed cheerfulness and his lost memories. If his memories return, so will the unbearable despair and loneliness that tore them apart in the first place.

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This was a pretty good comic and you will cry a bit in the end. If you don’t want to know more then don’t read ahead. Spoilers: The hero and heroine have been divorced for over year. And one day, the hero is working at a new job when he gets into a car wreck. He survives the accident; yet, he’s suffers amnesia and there’s no one in his family who can travel to help him. So, his pregnant sister reaches out to his ex-wife (the heroine) to ask if she’ll help the hero through this process. The heroine does it because she’s great friends with the sister (not to mention she still loves the guy). The hero and heroine meet and despite the whole awkwardness, they seem to fall back into old rhythms. The heroine retells the tale of how they met, leaving out they’re divorced and why. Then the hero is surprised by the sudden visit of an OW, wondering if he was having an affair back his wife’s back and if so, then why. Then they enter into a physical relationship and things go well till the hero gets an album from one of his old co-workers as a mean of helping him get back his memory. He sees in all the photos that there are none of the heroine. So, he asks her about it and she reveals their divorce and she was the one who left him. They spilt for an hour or two, during which, the heroine decides to be completely honest with the hero and the hero finds their family videos. She comes back to a sobbing man who regained all his memories, memories like their baby girl’s death from SIDS. This is where the tears spill: the two merely miscommunicated in their grief. The heroine believed she was dragging the hero down with her depression over their child’s death as well as him not caring enough. The hero says it was the opposite because he wanted to be the heroine’s rock in supporting her when he too was ready to burst into tears. He went on about how he would just sob at night when she was asleep, so she wouldn’t notice. In that moment, they both share grief, tears, and the pain from losing their child. The two seek reconciliation, forgiveness, and a second chance at love. The moment was very sweet and it gets better. It turns out the OW was a fellow attendee at the hero’s grief counsel group. They both confided in each other about their pain and give the great news that they’re both getting remarried. In the end, the hero and heroine remarry and have a little boy with another child on the way. It was such a good ending for it all.

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