Historical Romance MY LADY'S TRUST

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Carefully hiding her face, the beautiful widow harbors a dark secret…

The Earl of Beau Lieu, better known by his nickname “Beau,” is one of the most powerful millionaires in England and a handsome bachelor who loves to solve mysteries. When his brother is gravely injured, Beau races to him and encounters an old woman draped in clothes that hide her appearance. He is surprised to learn she is the one treating his brother. What could an herbalist living in the countryside possibly do that a doctor couldn’t? However, the person he thought was an old lady is revealed to be a beautiful and intelligent young widow named Laura Martin. “What is a woman like her doing in a place like this, dressed like that?" asks Beau as his curiosity leads him to a place he never expected… 

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3.5 the mysterious lady 4  4

Before we begin, I warn readers there will be spoilers. I will say on the record that I thoroughly enjoyed story and recommend either rent or buy. Spoilers: Our main couple meet when the hero's brother is critically injured during a hunting party. The hero brings his own doctor, despite the host's insistence of allowing the heroine/herbalist to attend to the brother. The heroine proves herself to be a worthy herbalist on the same level as the hero's doctor. She works tirelessly around the clock to save the brother and bring him out of danger. He thinks she's an old maid till she takes off her bonnet and see the young beauty. From then on, he becomes the curious cat as to why a beautiful woman would hide herself wearing granny clothes. He starts garnering her attention with not just sweet words but actions like helping her weed her garden, which is beneath his station but he still does it. They have meals and begin enjoying their conversations with each other. Next, we're introduced to the hero's family and the married OW. The woman has the mind that the sun doesn't rise till she does and has been trying to get the hero to be her paramour. She rudely pushes the hero to throw a party for another one of her shenanigans of getting the hero. The hero takes the opportunity to invite the heroine who refuses his invitation. That is until his sister lends her a gown and encourages to come. The festivities bring forth the romance between the hero and heroine as well as the ugly jealousy of the OW. During this party, the hero finds out the heroine is "escaping" to another country and asks for an explanation. She surprisingly reveals her past as a teenage noblewoman who was forced to marry a geezer by her blind father. Even as a teenager, she could see the man's true colors and their kiss at the altar was all she needed to know that she would die by his hand. She attempted suicide via drowning but the village pastor saved her and snuck her back to his village where she could hide under the guise as a widowed woman. The hero promises to save her and do what ever he can to protect her. The man does keep his promise but he under estimates the length a jealous woman will go. The OW saw their little intimate exchange and told the Evil man where his supposedly dead 3rd dead bride was. The man is a twisted soul who's had four very young beautiful women with the first two dying under mysterious circumstances (is it just me or this this some sort of profile to criminals minds). The fourth was only 17 and thankfully ran back home after 10 days of being married to the man. Now, he kidnaps the heroine and brags about how he's going to make her pregnant in order to have beautiful children (we see his obsession with beauty comes from the fact he's very ugly). She manages to escape from the carriage and in the commotion, the carriage topples. The Evil man is crushed beneath and dies. The hero arrives and they take her back to nurse her back to health. The hero and heroine have a private conversation of the what transpired like the OW's nasty deed (they're so going to get revenge on her by barring her from their elite social events). The hero asks the heroine to marry him and she says yes in a gleeful tone. That's the end and it was a good end.

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