Historical Romance THE GOVERNESS AND THE SHEIKH (Colored Version)

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When Cassie, daughter of a famed British family, was staying in the Middle East, she learned that the prince of the neighboring country was looking for a governess for his daughter. Cassie didn’t want to return to her homeland because of bad memories, so she applied for the job under a fake name. She was hired, and when she was waiting to be picked up to be taken to her new job, a man suddenly appeared in her tent! It was Sheikh Jamil al-Nazarri, her new boss. She couldn’t believe that he would sneak into the tent of a sleeping woman without permission! He looked at her coldly and said he didn’t need permission because it was his country!※This work is colored from the original version.

A fan favorite, THE GOVERNESS AND THE SHEIKH, is now available in full color! Get immersed in the beauty of romance and manga with this full color version!

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I saw a book I had never read before in color and thought, what the heck and rented it. The heroine is a noble English woman who needs a break from being coddled and doted on by her family members after her scandal back in England, as well as getting away from the scandal itself. She tried visiting her sister who's a queen in the middle east but she did the same. As the heroine's about to return home, she finds out about a job opportunity to be a governess to a neighboring widower sheikh's little girl. She takes up the position with the condition that her identity not be revealed and takes off. They arrive at their destination point where she rests and her escort cowardly runs off at the sight of the hero. Our couple's initial meeting goes very badly since he sees her napping in her underdressings then pulls the mega male attitude on her. The heroine handles herself pretty well against him but handles herself even better with his daughter. Don't misunderstand, the daughter isn't a brat, she just has a lot of animal friends like toads and snakes that she uses to prank people. It's how the heroine became governess#8 but the heroine isn't afraid and impresses the little girl with how she coos over the frogs and birds. She teaches the daughter well and sees there's some distance between the hero and his daughter, so she gets them to spend time together with horse backing riding and all. The hero becomes attracted to her and her superb horse riding but becomes suspicious he learns of her true identity. He tricks her into coming with him on a trip. Then he isolates the heroine in a cave, interrogating her of what's her true purpose. This is where she reveals about her scandal: she was engaged to a poet who left her the day before their wedding to marry an heiress. The heroine is only half upset about the man and more entranced with the whole wedding bliss. This revelation leads to them arguing about love and their opinions of it (usual heroine believes and hero doesn't). The hero states that he doesn't love nor will he. However, the heroine discovers it's not that he doesn't love but he doesn't know how to love. The poor man was abused emotionally, physically, and mentally by his own father. Why? Apparently, in their country, princes get their emotions beaten out of them in order to be hard and strong. In between these discoveries, the hero makes his lustful intentions known to the heroine who finds about his fiancée who is scared away by the daughter's friends when the little girl shows them to her. He does tell the heroine that he won't marry the arranged fiancée in order not to have a son and expose him to the same tradition. The hero still won't let the heroine into his heart. Later, the heroine gets a message that her father is sick and starts traveling back. Yet, it all turns out to be a trap set by the hero's enemies in order to kill the daughter. The daughter witnesses the whole kidnapping and tells the hero. He launches a rescue mission, managing to reach the heroine in time. Suddenly, the enemy jumps him but the heroine throws herself between them and gets stabbed. The whole event really frightens the hero and he finally realizes that he does loves the heroine. When the heroine awakens, they affirm their feelings of love for each other. The hero asks her to marry him and she says yes. Finally, they live the life as a happy family of three with another on the way. The hero took the old child torture room and made it into a paradise in order to start anew.

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