The Virtuous Cyprian

Historical Romance The Virtuous Cyprian

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The Virtuous Cyprian

The count wants me to become his lover!

Lucille is a teacher at a girls’ school in nineteenth-century England, but her twin sister, Susanna, is a high-class courtesan. One day, Susanna shows up at Lucille’s door, asking Lucille to pretend to be her and stay at their late father’s house while Susanna is away! Lucille can’t say no to her sister, so she agrees to play the part of a courtesan, but what will she say when her new landlord, Count Seagrave, asks her to become his lover?

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which one is the tart? 4  4

When I saw the word, "Cyprian", I had to look it up and found it's just old fancy way of saying tart or harlot. I like it was a fresh title. We start off with the hero getting news that some "family" estate is going to the biggest tart in all of London as well as the biggest instigator in destroying his cousin's engagement (seduced the fiancee then spread rumors about the female cousin that were so bad that she had to cancel the engagement). Yeah, the hero has little opinion of the woman. He doesn't want her to get the land or the win. He sets out to make his push. While he plots and schemes, the tart sister visits her strait laced teacher of twin sister: the heroine. She wants the heroine to pose as her in order to get their father's home. The backstory was their father left them in the care of some friends and went off on his adventures after his wife's passing. He had financially supported but not for long. The girl's adoptive father died and they were destitute. They had no way and so both went their own ways to provide for themselves. The sister bears of alot of understandable resentment to their biological father for never even visiting them once. Now, the sister is in a pickle with needing to go make their claim on the house but they've got an aunt and cousin who are attempting to weasel their way into the inheritance, plus she's got a really big trip with one of her "patrons" that she can't miss. She asks the heroine if she'll go posing as the tart in order to keep their property safe till the sister gets back. I actually questioned myself on the whole thing as to why should the heroine go posing as the tart when they're both related to the guy and having her there as a claim wouldn't be such a bad thing. The heroine decides to help her sister but doesn't get what kind of situation she's gotten herself in. I don't get how she can think if the matron of the school can't stand the idea that one of her graduates is the lady of the night then how would a small community of religious people take to a Tart taking up residences. Plus, I wasn't pleased with the sister as well with throwing the heroine to the dogs. Now, the heroine meets the hero and he's a gentleman till he learns of her disguise then he becomes a real jerk. He only shows his gentlemen side when he sees the heroine being accosted by the villagers. He does see there are differences between the woman he sees and what the rumors say but he thinks nothing of it. The heroine tries her best to handle the harassment and all but it soon overwhelms her and she decides to leave. Right then, the hero comes to her home with her long lost cousin who's run away from her mother's latest match: an old reverend. Her arrival reveals the heroine's true identity. The matter is left for another day when the hero's mother comes in, wanting to see the heroine. They go to the heroine's home where the mother clears up some misunderstandings as well as identifying herself as the heroine's godmother. She helps the heroine understand her parent's love and how depressed the father became after the mother's death. She also reveals he spilt his fortune where the heroine got his fortune and the sister got the land rights. Now, the group plans on helping the heroine's relative get away from a disastrous match as well as helping clear the heroine's name. Our main couple are miserable over their lies and treatment towards the other that they think the other sees the less of them. They host a party where the hero's brother and the heroine's relative immediately sweep each other off their feet. The hero and heroine share their own intimate dance but the hero stops in order to be a gentleman. Things start to settle till the heroine overhears the gossping gabbies gobble about how it must be embarrassing for the heroine to be related to a tart and utter nonsense of the hero's family's reputation being brought down. the heroine thinks the best thing to do is leave but as she packs, she stumbles upon the male cousin's stash of hidden weapons. He kidnaps and then abandons her in a cove to die. Thankfully, the hero scares the location of the heroine out of the cousin. He saves her then they head back. The cousin is arrested and the hero confesses his love. The heroine rejects him using the gossiping gabbies nonsense as an excuse. Yet, he refuses and declares his love with the heroine saying she loves him too. We fast forward three months where the tart got married in Paris to her patron. and the hero and heroine are enjoying their married life.

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