Historical Romance THE DEVIL EARL 1

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The way his eyes gaze into me, and his lips whisper in my ear… I can’t get enough!

Sebastian, the Devil Earl… The moment Gothic-novel lover Prudence sees him, she falls in love with his dark charm and the air of mystery around him. Dreaming of becoming a novelist, Prudence finds herself falling in love with someone who isn’t just part of her daydreams! “The absurd tales and bad rumors that spin about him… Oh, it is all so exciting!” As he gazes into her eyes and whispers into her ear, Prudence is eager to see where this passion leads!

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What a delight to read 5  5

I enjoyed this two part story immensely with glee. We have a historical story beginning in the early 1800's because it's when gothic horror was becoming immensely popular. The heroine is a fan of the gothic horror, causing her to be seen an odd duck by the townspeople as well as her own sister. What I liked about the heroine is her "no care" attitude on people's opinion towards her fascination and her "strange" hobbies. She also has a good head on her shoulders when it comes to incidents, which will be shown later. In the present, we see the heroine and her sister are living alone together in their small village. This type of behavior is again considered abnormal since people believed young women shouldn't be living alone or whatever. The sister meets a gentleman that the heroine holds no interest till she learns he's the younger brother to the Devil Earl as well as a living resident to the Wolfinger Castle where all the spooky ghosts and ghouls inhabit. The heroine insists on visiting since this is her chance to see inside the castle she's always dreamed of. Unfortunately, her dreams are put on hold with the appearance of the Devil Earl whose hard glare makes his brother pale, the heroine's sister faint, and the heroine........jumping up and down on the inside with joy. The Devil Earl/hero sends the ladies away then drags his brother inside to scold. As the ladies head back home, the hero begins scolding his younger brother for the debt he's procured and how is he going to pay it back himself. The younger brother sweet talks, brags, and beats around the bush but in the end, he's looking for the hero to pay it all back by investing into one of his schemes, so he can use the profit to pay it back. The Hero scolds/rants about the brother's misdeeds, which infuriates the brother into throwing the first punch. The hero fights backs and seems to win until the Housekeeper comes in and sees the fight. The woman obviously misunderstands the whole scene, thinking the "Devil Earl" is going to kill his brother. The brother runs off and practically disappears off the face of the earth; turning the rumors into an exaggerated mess that the hero has indeed killed him. Everyone believes, except the heroine who actually destroys the word of the town's biggest naggiest gossipy woman. She questions the initial rumor of the hero killing his beloved uncle, asking how could he have possibly killed the man and walked free. The police would have obviously taken him away and such. The woman leaves and the hero barges in next. He demands they bring out his brother since he believes their home is a brothel. The heroine laughs her head off and then clears his misunderstanding. He blushes for his assumption and leaves, despite her assurance that his brother will come back and offering to serve him tea. This whole interaction gives the heroine the brainstorm of an idea for the century. She writes a gothic novel, using the hero's appearance as a model for her main male character. This is all before the Privacy Protection Act, the heroine is going give the hero a hard time without meaning to. She writes her book that becomes a bestseller months later and earns her a pretty penny. She decides to take her sister to London to make her debut and find a match. The heroine doesn't plan to find a man because she considers herself an old maid. They go from their hometown where the naggy woman sends them off with "advice" about two women being alone in London when they're going to stay with relatives. Unfortunately, they have a chaperon who's twice as naggy as their local woman. Their male cousin is the worst with how he admonishes loudly and disdainful of every little thing they do. Now, they head to a ball to find the sister a match but all the eligible men want to chitty chat with the heroine since she's the new amazing writer of their favorite book. It irritates the sister but it's the hero who's peeved. When the heroine is alone with him, he berates her for writing the novel that has put him in a bad light. It doesn't help his brother still hasn't been found no matter how hard the hero has looked. The heroine offers to help him find his brother, despite his reluctance to allow her. In between their talks, the cousin becomes more irritating and the sister becomes upset about how all the men are after the heroine with the exception of one. The heroine does impress the hero with her deductions on where her brother could possibly be and advises he head back home since it was the last place that anybody saw his brother. The heroine also insists the hero take her with him to help, driving the hero to laughter and her family into a tizzy. The sister stays back to be with her new beau but their chaperone comes with them to make sure nothing happens. However, the hero and heroine are able to scare her right out of their carriage to the next one back to London with tales about his home housing ghosts and all. After their meal, they start searching the place where they end up a locked bedroom. We get a cliffhanger of the heroine realizing she's stuck with the man she's desires in a bedroom at night. It ends literally with the heroine being surrounded by fruit and question marks.

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