Historical Romance THE DEVIL EARL 2

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The romance of her dreams is turning into deep, true love!

Prudence spends a dreamy night with Sebastian when they get stuck together in a tower room. It is everything she’s dreamed about from her novels—destiny, passion… love? While they explore the secrets of the castle, their relationship deepens and becomes more intimate. And Sebastian’s closed heart slowly starts to open up. The romance of her dreams is turning into deep, true love! 

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Continuation of Fun 5  5

We continue on book 1 where our main couple are trapped in a locked bedroom. There's a window, that the hero uses to get out with the help of the bed sheets. He rappels down safely and unlocks the door for the heroine. The heroine's coming out of a daze from their nightly activities as she wonders if their time together meant anything to the hero. During breakfast, they brainstorm over the brother's whereabouts, concluding he must still be in the castle. They find secret passages, exciting the heroine's imagination till they hear her male cousin has arrived. He comes in his usual grouchy obnoxious self with news the sister has run off with one of her beaus. It freaks the heroine out but she manages to calm herself rationally when the man goes off another one of his speeches that are even more ridiculous than before. He states that since the heroine spent the night with the hero, she is damaged goods. And she can only save her reputation by marrying him. Also should add in he said she should be grateful he's willing to marry her. The heroine just looks straight at him and says, " I don't care what other people" and that means no. The cousin tries to use force but the hero scares him straight out of house with his "promises". It was pretty easy because the man was all talk and no backbone. The hero apologizes to the heroine for what the cousin said and clarified the real reason why the cousin was insistent on marrying the heroine is because she's beautiful. The hero admits he feels the same way and they have a little 2nd base fest. Afterwards, they continue on searching for the brother. They find a secret passage that leads to a cove. In the cove, they find new boxes and the brother's ring. They figure out the brother was kidnapped by smugglers. The heroine reassures the hero his brother isn't dead. During this comforting scene, we visit the sister who's in a dangerous situation. It turns out her beau is a womanizer who tricks women into his arms where he beds them and then sells them. Just as he's about to do the first to the sister, she's saved by a thickly bearded man. It turns out to be the long-lost brother. Then we go back to the hero and heroine coming to rescue the sister but they are too late as they find her in bed. Yet, it turns out to be a good surprise because it's the brother who's her bed partner and they eloped, so it's all legal in a manner of speaking. The hero recognizes his brother, demanding an explanation. The brother retells his tale of being kidnapped by the smugglers and forced to work on a pirate ship. He discovered that most of the men were good and led a mutiny against the captain. Afterwards, he spent the last few months sailing back home because he wanted to be with the sister. Later, the hero opens up about what happened between his uncle and him. He did in fact kill his uncle but it was in self-defense. The uncle was the one who introduced the boys to the fast pace of life from gambling dens to women. Unfortunately, based on my opinion, he contracted a complicated disease. It may have been STD's because of the women he was with. The man was unable to allow himself to die a miserable death, so he selfishly used the hero to end his life in glory. He tricked the hero into a fencing lesson that turns into a life vs. death match. The hero never was charged for his uncle's death because apparently, the man had enough sensibility to leave a will where he confessed his death plan. The next day, the brothers plan how to apprehend the smugglers quickly and quietly. The two succeed with the hero and heroine confessing their love and the siblings going to live in the ladies' former home. Next, the hero and heroine find a hidden treasure and begin a new life writing books together. They become very popular and live a semi quiet life. When I mean semi, I mean they have a little boy who the locals name as the true Devil Earl because he's such a terror with his pranks and such.

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