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Even though I am pregnant with his baby, his heart is still unreachable…

I have no place to go if the bank takes the house I grew up in. Facing the huge debt her parents left her, Chiara is at a loss. She has never called anywhere else home and is scared to leave. When wealthy Nico shows up, wanting to purchase the estate, he tells her that she will have to marry him if she wants to keep living there. Unable to see another option, she agrees. On their wedding night, Chiara cannot resist temptation and gives her handsome Italian husband her virginity!  

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The whole thing wasn't really what I was looking for in a harlequin. There were some ups but more downs. We have a heroine whose lifestyle is second to a convent. She's never been allowed outside her family lands and the one time she went out to the village, she got severely yelled at by her own dad. It was crazy because they wouldn't even take her to cities like Rome and Florence where their past wasn't known. Instead, they kept her all locked up like Rapunzel and brought in tutors to teach the heroine to learn how to live like a dependent Lady; and the original book's publication was only 2018! Later, the heroine becomes 19 and loses everything. Parents die in an accident and reveal they were so much in debt that the heroine is left to pay it all off. Then low and behold we have our brainwashed hero come out of the woodworks. When I say brainwashed I mean he spent his entire life hearing spiteful things about the heroine's family and was told to take revenge on them. This is the unfortunate part because he does take it out on a 19 year old girl who had no idea of the friction between their families. He tells her about how her grandfather stole their family home from them and kicked them out. He also talked about how his family would constantly beg the heroine's family, even her father to let them visit their family graves but he cruelly refused them. The heroine doesn't initially believe it but starts to make sense why her parents wouldn't let her go to the village since the villagers would have revealed her family's dirty deals. She confirms the hero's words are true by her family lawyer. Next, the close hearted hero makes the ridiculous proposition where the heroine marries him and she'll live financially stable. After 24 hours of thinking, she decides to go along with it since she knows that she has no skills to survive the outside world. We get a little more information that proves the heroine may have had tutors but none taught Sex Education. She actually thinks there's a low chance she'll get pregnant but it seems she doesn't know it only takes ONE time for everything in coitus. The heroine marries the hero but after their first night together, she finds herself unable to live with the idea of a no love relationship nor wants to bring any child into that particular environment. So, she disappears on him for five months. During this time as he searches for her, she finds herself a waitress job and learns she's expecting. The heroine lives freely and well till the hero comes in and takes her back to his place. The whole thing actually pushes the hero to open up about how his mother abandoned his father and him when he was born. They have a social outing and we see when the heroine is asleep of the hero does show affection to her and their unborn baby. They learn the baby is a girl, with the hero is more excited than the heroine initially thought. They return home where the hero gets her right back into bed. Their bodies connect; yet, the hero stubbornly refuses to open up his heart. The heroine sees how the hero allows his past to dictate his decisions. She wants him to open up but she's tired on being the receiving end of his rejections. So, she dons the cool attitude towards him. Months pass with the due date approaching closer and closer. Next, the heroine meets the hero's mother who attempted to speak with the hero but he threw her out. They chat and the heroine learns there's a very different story. The hero's mother suffered postpartum depression, it was so bad that she had to be instituted. The hero's father being very narrow minded and unloving kept the hero from the mother and pulled the lie how she abandoned him when she got better and wanted to see her son. The heroine tries to get him to face the situation but he snaps at her that it's none of her business. Right then, she goes into labor. It's 24 hours of total anxiety for the hero with the heroine going conscious and unconscious. She wakes up to the hero's fatigued and teary face who's over the moon about the heroine awakening. The hero finally finds the courage to push over his pride and open his heart. He confesses his love for the heroine and his fear for feeling that love when she's his enemy. He realizes how dumb he's been to her with his cruel words/actions. They reconnect along with the hero finally reaching out to his mother. It's a happy ending as they arrive home with their baby girl.

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