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I have given my all to this forbidden love with a man out of my reach…

To Joanna, the girls’ school she was abandoned at is her home. But when she turns nineteen, she has to become independent and takes a job as a governess. Saying goodbye to her friends and teachers is hard, but she hopes to experience the warmth of a home at her employer’s manor. However, she’s constantly insulted by the girls she teaches once she arrives. One day, she attends a ball as a chaperone and is saved from a dilemma by majestic nobleman Luke. She falls for him, a man who treats her with kindness despite her social status, but he is looking for a wife to give him an heir to continue his dukedom’s lineage and is far beyond her reach…

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The title fits 4  4

It was a nice sweet little romance for me. We have the heroine who was orphaned at birth. Her beloved mother left only a piece of paper with her name, a blanket which has her family's crest embroidered on it, and instructions(and funds) for the nurse to deliver her to her family. So, we don't know what happened but instead of ending up at her maternal family's home, the heroine ends up abandoned at a girl's school. The head mistress there takes pity on the baby and raises her among the girls with all the love and discipline she has. There was something that bothered me about the heroine's past; why didn't the Head mistress look for the baby girl's family. You may question why, well it's because she can clearly see there's a family crest on the baby blanket. A family crest isn't just something handed out and it's probably one of the best ways to discover your genealogy during that time period. The woman is educated enough to go to the Police to see if someone there recognizes the crest or get a reference for a detective to go to find the family name for the crest. They could have written to Oxford or something. Moving on, we see the hero and heroine's living their lives separately as they prepare for the big introduction at the ball. The heroine has recently moved from the school as a governess for a noble family who exploit the heroine on their every whim. The hero has come back from the army with his feet dragging. He's been ordered by his father to return home to marry and produce an heir since his older brother's wife has been discovered to be barren and the brother refuses to divorce. Let's give a Hip-Hip Hooray for the brother! This whole thing has put the male siblings at odds. Now, the hero is instructed to attend a ball, which he hates because he'll be accosted by the ladies. The heroine is forced to chaperone one of the older daughters who is a blatant brat. She also has it out for the heroine because despite the heroine wearing outdated clothes and fake jewelry, the men still ask for her. This is where the heroine meets the hero who becomes attracted when she refuses his offer for a dance with the answer, "I'm clumsy". He's able to get her to agree and even protects the heroine from her charge. After that, the heroine is sent on another errand where she meets an elder gentleman who she unleashes her current anxiety and fears. Her appearance plus name prompt the guy to do an investigation on her. She meets the hero who gives her a lift back to her place. Then he stays over, starting their attraction to bubble. It explodes with a kiss but they're caught. The hosts cruelly chuck the heroine out withholding her pay and hurling insults at the hero. The hero defends the heroine and is about to explain he's taking her home to introduce her to his parents (a proposal) when the elder gentleman steps in. It turns out he's an elite in high society that the hosts fall all over themselves to appease. He pulls the big shocker that the heroine is his granddaughter. He did an investigation, found the blanket, and retold how he got her mother's letter but never received the baby. The man even pulls out a picture of his daughter whose features are strikingly similar to the heroine. Her grandfather takes her away and blows off the hero's wish to court the heroine. The man has an intense hate for the hero's family because the hero’s father helped the heroine's mother and lover elope. So, he blames his daughter's fate on the family. This is where our main couple become stuck. The hero is deeply in love with the heroine but the grandfather has kept him from even speaking to the heroine nor does he want her to be separated from her newfound family. The heroine herself has mixed feelings over the joy of finding her family but having that only family member hate the man she's fallen for. The heroine finally decides to follow her heart when the head mistress uses the heroine's mother's words to encourage to choose love. She tells her grandfather she loves the hero and he lets her go after him. Her decision is especially strengthened when seeing the hero banging on the mansion's gate, shouting to let him see the heroine. She runs to him, we skip to their wedding, and their epilogue with life being full of happiness as well as six kids to multiple the joy.

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