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Living together…is the one thing they really shouldn’t do.

While staying at a hotel in Greece, Fran finds an abandoned baby. Just where did the baby come from? Could it be from the tornado the day before? According to the police, the baby’s parents are dead and her uncle Nikolos is desperately looking for her. Nikolos is the CEO of a large company, a man who lives for thrills and pleasure! Or at least that’s what the gossip magazines paint him as—a playboy. But what Fran sees when she reunites him with his niece is a person filled with sincerity. And then he says he wants Fran to accompany him and the baby back to Mykonos, where his family lives…

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I loved the story. It was just so good. So, the heroine and her friend are vacationing in Greece with the two needing a break. The heroine is still hurt from seeing her husband (figured out quick he cheated on her during their marriage) with his new lady and the friend expresses the anxiety of countless fertility treatments with no success in addition to her husband working with his ex-sister-in-law who came onto the guy after her sister passed. They stop at a hotel when the weather gets worse. It turns out to be a frightening situation because a tornado actually appeared that destroyed a hotel, killing the sister and husband of the friend's husband's friend. That was really long. Luckily, the heroine and her friend miss it and go outside to enjoy the calm weather. Right then, the heroine finds a bruised and beaten baby in the bushes. They rush the little girl to the hospital where she receives treatment. While the heroine holds and snuggles the little girl, the friend suspects it's the dead sister's baby and calls her husband. He calls the friend/hero who rushes over to the hospital. This is where he meets the heroine and falls hard for her. He does put the feelings in the back for a while since he just found his beloved niece. The heroine puts her attraction for the hero even further back because she's the whole once bitten twice shy. Once the baby is healthy enough, they take her back home where the heroine is hit with a barrage of thank-yous from the hero's other family members. During her short trip, the hero tries all gentlemanly approaches in wooing the heroine from dining out to hiking in the mountains. It's actually in the mountains where they confess to each other about of their infertility. I would have thought the heroine would have jumped at the chance with this guy because he can't have kids and he knows she can't have kids. However, her ex-husband's values of wanting kids by his own blood still motivate her decisions along with her fear. Although, most importantly, she somehow comes up with the idea that without, the hero can actually have a kid of his own when he just told her he can’t. So, like a fool, she continually rejects the poor man. The hero finally lets her go; they become so miserable that his mom lies to the heroine about the hero being in danger. It was valid since it got the heroine to finally face her feelings and chase after the hero. She confesses her love for the hero and he says back. He notes they can have many children (through adoption) and they can adopt his niece. The heroine says yes to it all and we end the story with their wedding plus the news that the friend is finally pregnant with twins.

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