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Can two people who have never been loved find a future together?

After spending a night with playboy billionaire Ramsay against her better judgment, Nola is overwhelmed with regret and runs away from him. Three months later, she finds out she’s pregnant and is resolved to raising the child on her own. However, Ramsay finds out and takes Nola to his mansion in a fit of rage. “Marry me,” he demands, the proposal coming out like an order. In retaliation against his selfish and arrogant attitude, Nola vehemently refuses. But Ramsay is determined they marry…

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Take a biology class 1  1

There's no way that a 3 month old pregnant woman should be showing that much. At least make it 6 months with twins. It's an awful cliché when a man kidnaps a woman and force her to marry him for a child and the author calls it love and romance. It's not even done well.

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Terrible 1  1

Terrible just terrible I never write a review but the story was soooo boring omg

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3.5 similarities 4  4

It was a pretty nice harlequin with what it brought to the table. Our main characters meet through business and the hero quickly woos the heroine into bed. It becomes a one-night stand where the heroine leaves before the hero awakens. Both try to play it off as a one-night stand until the airport. On that day, the hero sees the heroine and her rather bulging belly. The man is a math genius because he not only quickly deduces she's pregnant but can guess how many months. He confronts her of if he's the father and she says yes. He kidnaps (more like whisks) her off to his place. The man insists they marry but the heroine strongly objects. Now, this is where it gets interesting for the two. It seems they share a similar childhood: parents marry because mother got pregnant. For some relationships that start out that way can have a happy ending but not their parents. The hero's mother was pregnant with another man's child and someone had to take responsibility in order to protect the mother's reputation. This is where the hero's "adoptive"; father comes in but he abused them both for "chaining" him to this marriage(he can’t act like the victim because he married for money). The heroine's mother married her baby's father but the man constantly cheated on her with multiple women then abandoned both mother and daughter without a shred of guilt. You add that daddy issue with a really bad business romance and you get a once bitten and thrice shy heroine. It was really interesting to watch these two deal on the matter of marriage, especially since they’ve had such poor examples of marriage. The hero does prove to the heroine that he's committed to being a dad and wanting to shower his kid with all the love. Examples are making her breakfast himself when he knows nothing about cooking. Another thing I liked is how they communicated, talked about themselves as well as their issues towards certain things like marriage. I felt it was a mature conversation compared to some other harlequins. Now, right before they go to meet his parents, the heroine says yes to his marriage proposal. The hero is all joyful but one dinner with his parents has him get cold feet. Just listening to his parents whine, rant, and object to the match because of a child. So, he tells the heroine not to marry him with his reasons why but the heroine refuses. He leaves but quickly races back after a power outage. The two have another deep and mature conversation about marriage. They figure out since they know what not to do, they should give it a chance. They confess their love to another one. After that, the hero re-proposes with the heroine giving a big yes. In the end, we see them living the happy life with their twins as well as the hero's cooking that's gotten way better by the looks of it.

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