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I don’t deserve his love. Because I deceived him…

Rose O’Malley, normally just a maid, is entering a world she never imagined being a part of. At tonight’s masquerade ball, she must meet gorgeous businessman Zac Valenti. Zac’s elderly mother has made her an offer she can’t refuse—the old woman will cover Rose’s father’s expensive medical treatments in full. However, the deal is contingent on Rose successfully seducing Zac, spending the night with him and becoming pregnant with his child…

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what a story 4  4

My goodness, we've had nasty grandmas and scheming grandmas but we rarely get combo of both wrapped in one. The heroine is a maid being extorted by her own employer into signing a contract. The evil woman is pushing her to sign a contract where they will conspire to "steal" her son's sperm, the heroine become a "surrogate" of sorts, and hand the baby over to the mother to raise. This is all the woman tells the heroine apart from using the heroine's sick father as a reason to sign it. Now, in this situation, the whole thing should have been warning sign to the heroine for three things: 1) The woman keeps saying SIGN the contract, not READ IT. Anyone who tells you to sign and not read the FINE PRINT, has to be hiding something. 2) She wants the heroine to seduce her son and get pregnant with her grandbaby and you don't wonder why she's doing it. And 3) the employer is dangling potential money for her father's surgery, disregarding the fact the man's been a loyal employee (chauffeur) for decades. Those should have all been clear signs but the heroine is backed into a corner, desperate to save her father. That vulnerability is what makes the heroine an easy target for the employer. The heroine gives in, signs the paper, and the two start on their plan. Now, the heroine tries the first time but she runs off when she finds herself falling for the hero quick and feeling the shame of the betraying the hero. The hero has no idea but has fallen for the heroine hook, line, and sinker. The heroine tries to run but the employer states if she breaches the contract then she'll sue her. Hero runs into heroine again, leading to a night of passion but the next few months are chaos. The heroine gets pregnant, paparazzi catch their photos, and the hero finds out about the whole contract between the heroine and his "mother". The hero is infuriated by the heroine's betrayal and doesn't trust her word for most of the book till the detective agency confirms what she has said is true. Now, the heroine goes to meet him to request his help in protecting the baby from its great grandmother. He takes her away to small island where his paternal ancestors rest. The heroine learns the hero's mother is actually his grandmother and it's a sad tale. His father emigrated to the US where he met the high socialite hero's mom. They began a relationship that was frowned upon by her snooty booty parents. They disinherited her and the two left and started working multiple jobs. When they learned the mother was pregnant, the father amped up on taking more work till he died in a construction incident. The poor woman was a new mother, newly widowed, and had no idea where to go for help because her high society skills didn't teach her that if she were in financial straits, there were places like YWCA, Welfare, or even a Church. She has no one to turn to other except her parents who did the same to the heroine. They took advantage of the situation by making her sign a contract that they would provide support for the hero if she never came back. This extortion was overwhelmed the poor woman and she caved to make sure her son was provided for. However, the loss of her husband and baby was too much and after signing and giving the hero away, she was found (probably committed suicide) in the river a week later. When the hero found out, he cut off all contact from his maternal grandparents for what they did. She tells him her side of the story as to why she signed the contract for her sick father and that their baby wasn't conceived because of a contract but because of love. The hero disbelieves her story and she leaves to nurse her father. Later, the heroine's story is actually confirmed by the hero's detective agency who actually did a good job. The hero feels immense guilt for doubting the heroine but that's put on the backburner when his grandmother comes rampaging in. She throws the contract before the hero, shouting she's going to sue the heroine for breaching contact and all. I was so surprised how she couldn't realize the amount of crud she was spewing out of her mouth. She rants about how the heroine came to her yesterday with the statement that baby will be raised under the hero's paternal name. It only moves the hero's heart but encourages him to wage war against his grandmother. The man states the he'll bury the family name she clings to and will do it by posting his story to the world, especially of what her husband and her did to their own daughter. The woman is smart enough to know that her coercion days are over and she's the one backed into a corner now. She decides to take a very long cruise. Afterwards, the hero goes to see the heroine and her father, making an appearance. Then pulls the heroine and apologizes for his doubts towards her and wishes to make amends. The heroine accepts the amends but there's still tension between the two on where they're relationship is headed. So, the hero takes the heroine out and asks for a start-over. He wants them to try to build their relationship from scratch and gives this pretty good confession of love towards the heroine. She accepts and we have a happy ending with the two back in Italy with their true family and friends, along with their little bundle of joy.

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