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The man who deserted her has returned as a proud prince…

Bailey is a waitress, working her way through college. She has dreams of marrying her lover, Raphael, until he suddenly breaks up with her. Telling herself that such a perfect man could never love her anyway, Bailey resolves to live independently…until she discovers that she’s pregnant. Facing an uncertain future, Bailey is shocked by a tabloid cover that catches her eye: Raphael is actually the prince of a small Italian nation! Then Raphael appears before her again. What will happen when she tells him she’s pregnant?

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Salesman to Prince 4  4

It's a sequel to the Spaniard's pregnant bride. The heroine is your average American girl working her way through school at a something close to Hooter’s. She meets the hero who under the impression he’s a salesman and they begin dating. They meet every 2 months at the same hotel room for the next eight months. Things were going splendidly for the heroine till the hero tells her right after the coitus(jerk wanted to have on last bout before he told her) that their relationship is over. He just disappears, with his contact information being useless. The poor heroine’s life just goes into shambles from her “boyfriend” dumping her, finding out she’s pregnant, and then her manager firing her because her pregnant belly doesn’t look good for their restaurant. I want to take a moment and state that you can’t just fire a woman because she’s pregnant; it’s sexist and illegal! I bet the manager knew and used the heroine’s ignorance in order to not have her press charges. This all happens in three months and the day she was fired from her job was the day she saw a magazine with her Ex’s face plastered across and calling him a prince and talking about his jilting bride. What’s more is coming home to find the same man in her living room. Apparently, the man wants to get back together but she shouts about how she doesn’t trust him. Then gives him the news that he’s going to be a father and lays it on him of how stressful the whole thing has been. He tells her they’re getting married and she decides to do it since it’s best for the baby. The first few weeks are fine with working around the press and the staff. I was impressed with the hero’s speech on handling the press where he praised his jilting bride and his new wife to the heroine trying to settle herself into the life of royalty. I did like the hero didn’t sugarcoat what’s going to happen but his choice of words were poor. She learns the hero’s relationship with the ex-fiancée was platonic and it ended because she got pregnant with another man’s child. The strange thing about the hero is he saying he followed his heart to be with the woman he wanted, which was the heroine. However, he claimed not to love the heroine at all but she doesn’t find out about it till after they marry.(Their physical relationship is fabulous but their emotional and mental part needs work.) The hero’s reason not to love is because he feels people only love him as a prince and not as himself. The heroine contradicts his claim with how she’s fallen back in love with him as himself. Yet, he doesn’t believe her. This leads her to leave the hero since if he only loves his kingdom then how will he love their child. He lets her go back to the US where he got a house set up. They spend about 2 months apart, reflecting and working on themselves(mostly the hero, heroine got back into university). The heroine reaches seven months, she comes home to find the hero has once again appeared in her living room. The hero has come to take the heroine back, opening up about how he didn’t know what love was for an individual. She sees his issue, gives him a hug, and reassures that she fell for the hero as himself. The hero confesses his love for her and goes back with him to the country. We get a nice ending page with everyone cooing over the newborn prince.

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