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My heart was captivated by a man who craves freedom over love.

Roane can’t help but feel excited as she discovers a naked man on the beach, his body chiseled like a statue’s. Under the silver moonlight, he catches her staring and teases her with a sinful and sexy smile. The next morning, she discovers that the mysterious man is Adam, a childhood friend who disappeared years ago. Roane’s nostalgic feelings of love for him soon come rushing back. But her sweet fantasy is destroyed when she discovers the real reason Adam has returned.

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3.5 clearing up family misconceptions 4  4

The heroine has been an observer of the hero’s family for years. She knew him as the stoic but loving older brother to her best friend. Then one day, the hero just left without a word after a huge fight with the father. He left no note or contact information for the brother. This led the poor kid to believe his existence had chased out his own brother who now hates him. So, he destroyed the treehouse the brother built for him. The act of destruction was just a kid expressing all his pain, anger, and sadness. Twelve years pass with there being radio silence till the heroine suddenly sees the hero in the ocean on their private beach. She doesn’t know it’s the hero until she tells the brother who rushes to the cottage and sees him himself. He shouts out the hero’s name and the heroine sees a huge difference from the past grump to the present relaxed fellow. The brother tries to get him to sell his share in their father’s company because he’s been having trouble for the last four years since he was forced to take over at only 24. The hero only agrees if he gets to know the company more. The heroine personally flies the hero to the company where they get to know each other a little more. The hero finds himself becoming attracted to the heroine because she reminds him of his amazing mom. Now, we dive into the hero’s family dynamic and history. The hero’s parents were happily married with the hero till they divorced. The hero stayed with his mother till she died in a plane accident. He got sent to his dad who already had a new family. The hero had trouble settling into this new family dynamic plus with his father’s treatment. The father was a sad man indeed, he kept on hounding the hero to be the perfect successor, using the younger brother as a perfect child. It drove the hero to love the brother but hate the rest of the family. The irony of it was when he left, the father did the same thing to the younger brother. The father now suffers from dementia and regret from his past decisions. The hero does finally reunite with his father who apologizes profusely for his behavior towards the hero. The whole thing emotional event opens a can of worms like a roll in the hay between our hero and heroine. When they go out for burgers, the hero’s real identity as the mysterious major share holder in the company is accidently revealed. The brother finds out and accuses him of stealing; but their fight is dissipated thanks to the heroine’s intervention by yelling at the both brothers. She listens to the hero’s side where he says he came back to protect his brother when he heard from another source of the struggles the guy had. He even says he did leave his contact information for the brother. The problem was he left it in the treehouse, the very same one that the brother broke and burned to a crisp. The heroine clears the misunderstanding about the tree house and insists the hero talk to his brother. The brother and hero finally have that long awaited sit down and come to terms. The hero and heroine enter into a no ties relationship. The hero is able to come to terms with his past, enabling him to confess his love for the heroine. She tells him that she loves him too. He proposes marriage and she says yes. It was a nice ending.

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