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I’m terrified of losing things, so why do I want something I can't keep?

Lucy can’t help but be troubled by Niall, a hotshot entrepreneur who suddenly kisses her at a party. After that kiss, he’s been nothing but a headache for her. Lucy’s been afraid to lose anyone she loves again after losing both of her parents when she was seventeen. She’s worked hard to ensure she can make it all on her own, but Niall’s kindness is starting to unravel the stubbornness in her heart. Lucy wants to avoid him, but she ends up falling for him instead. But Niall already has a beautiful lover…

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an okay romance 3  3

The heroine is a woman who’s been unable to move on from her parents’ death. She lost them as a teenager in a very tragic sense, lost her family home, and it doesn’t seem she got counseling or professional help to process the pain or learn how to move forward. She took all of her parent’s furniture into her apartment, which is a smart thing to save some money from having to buy new furniture and have a couple of family keepsakes but that feeling got twisted. Those pieces were full of memories and they all melded into a cage the heroine made herself to keep her from finding love, from making connections with other people. She works at a small company, making little money. Then she inherits the rights as a landowner over the cottage with it’s elderly residing member after her aunt’s passing. The problem is the aunt was in elderly resident slowly going into memory care. So, remembering to keep up maintenance and make the house habitable was forgotten. Now, the heroine is between a rock and a hard place: she can’t sell the property as long as the tenant is living there and she’s tried all avenues of finding ways to repair the home with the only option is selling her own home to pay for repairs. She’s tried speaking to the man but he perceives her as enemy#1. The ironic part in this is how the heroine can’t see herself in the old man; both are afraid of change, of taking a step outside. Now apart from this, the heroine is also dealing with her boss’s wife who’s a stay-at-home mom who’s recently gotten way too much time on her hands. She’s been coming to her husband’s place and talking the heroine’s ear off. The heroine likes her because she’s a kind person but she just can’t read the signs. She’s invited to her boss’s dinner party where she meets the hero. It turns out the hero‘s the elderly tenant’s nephew and talks to the heroine rudely. He calls the heroine out on bullying the weak and all sorts. She runs out and her boss comes to her defense with the truth. The hero comes to apologize but he barely gets a chance to apologize before the heroine wails on him then slaps him across the face. He pulls her in for a kiss and she shoves him away to run into the house. The next day, she hears what happened at the dinner party from her hosts who apologize for what happened. The heroine comes by the old man’s house and it’s a gang up on the heroine with hero by the rude man’s side. It sounds by the hero’s words that he let his hosts’ opinion fly in one ear and out the other. Then she gets a letter threatening to take her to court. I don’t blame her for flying off the handle and confronting the hero with it. He states the letter was constructed by his uncle and his uncle’s lawyer without his knowledge. The man sits her down, makes her tea, and gets her to let her guard down in order to have a smooth conversation. It turns out he knows in order to pay for the repairs, she would have to sell her own home. He propositions to buy the cottage straight from her. That way he wouldn’t have to look like the bad guy to the locals for forcing one of their own out of home. He even reveals he knows about her parents’ death. They come to an agreement ant the heroine thinks that’s the end till the hero pops by her apartment again. He can see within the first 30 minutes that the heroine’s problem is being unable to move on. He makes lunch and they talk a little more. The hero admits his uncle’s behavior has been cantankerous but it’s only because he’s scared of leaving his comfortable place, to change it all. After all that, they have coitus but the heroine freaks out because according to the boss’s wife, he has a fiancée. She blocks out the hero who can’t make heads or tails of why she left him. He tries to talk to her but it’s a conversation that only goes in a circle. She meets with the senior tenant who apologizes in a way for his behavior towards her. Finally, the hero and heroine meet again at a community meeting. The boss’s wife comes in and babbles to the hero about his fiancée. This is when a huge light bulb lights up in the hero’s head and he states to the wife (and heroine) the woman they think is his fiancée is actually his younger sister. In translation: I’m single. The whole truth causes the heroine to faint and wake up in the hero’s arms. She apologizes for her incorrect assumptions. He confesses he’s been in love with her from the start (then why the harping both at the dinner party and in front of the uncle?), leading them into having an in depth conversation. He helps her move forward from her parents’ death and two months later, they get happily married.

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