Historical Romance THE MAID OF LORNE

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Either a loveless marriage or death… A girl is forced to make a decision…

During a revolt by the Scottish army against the king, Lara and her siblings are captured along with their father, the leader of their clan. By order of the king, Lara is forced to marry Sebastien, the king’s loyal subordinate. If she refuses, she and her family will be killed. On the verge of despair, she makes up her mind to fulfill her duty as the daughter of a clan leader. On their wedding night, Lara is terrified, but Sebastien treats her gently. She is surprised at first but ultimately follows his lead. But there is a secret behind his gentle demeanor…

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A Scottish romance 4  4

It’s another historical romance that was entertaining for me. It’s set in Scotland around late 1200’s to early 1300s. The heroine just found out her father has been taken captive by the Scottish Rebels (Robert the Bruce and his men of the highlands) and sends her very young siblings away for safety. This is during the period where Scotland rose up against England and it’s king, Longshanks. Longshanks was a cruel man whose nickname was, “Hammer of the Scotts”. Unfortunately, the heroine has no knowledge of the man’s tyranny on her countrymen nor how his soldiers abuse their power from raping women as their “right” and such. We can thank Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart” for giving us insight. She perceives Robert the Bruce as a traitor since he was loyal to the English Crown but revoked his oath (probably because he didn’t like how English was treating his clansmen). Right after her siblings slip away, she’s called to the castle walls and meets the hero for the first time. Their first meeting starts off very bad with the hero showing he’s already captured her younger siblings. He uses them as leverage to enter the castle unharmed. Next, it goes worse from the heroine making her stand against the hero for what his leader has done to the hero contradicting her with how her father stabbed them in the back with an ambush. He goes on with how her father’s crimes will exterminate her entire clan unless she weds and beds the hero by order of the Robert. The lives of her people and family push her to submit. The wedding doesn’t go well because of the whole “check the sheets to prove the woman’s virtue. It embarrasses the heroine, making her hate the hero even more. And then it’s further enlarged when she learns her younger siblings are being taken far away. It’s no wonder she goes on a hunger strike and is discovered by her cousin. The cousin who got away from battle and instructs her to spy for the English Crown. She agrees and comes back to her room to find her siblings waiting excitedly for her. It turns out the hero pleaded on her behalf to Robert in allowing her siblings to stay. From then on, the heroine sees there’s a difference between she believes and what she now sees of the hero’s men. They treat her people right, her siblings love being around them, and she finds herself falling in love with her husband. When she starts voicing her concerns before the cousin, he assaults her. She realizes right then what kind of man her cousin is. He coerces her into stealing some of the hero’s things in order to lay a trap. It works with the heroine feeling sick for playing a part in killing all those men. The hero and his men are able to survive by the skin of their teeth but the hero is suddenly taken into custody by Robert the Bruce on grounds for conspiring with the enemy. When the heroine finds out, she confesses to Robert that it was her and her alone. She gets imprisoned then kidnapped by the cousin who plans to sail to England. Yeah, you don’t want to go to England during that time if you’re a Scotsman. She refuses and he starts beating her but the hero and Robert the Bruce charge in, capturing the enemy. The hero kills the cousin and hugs the heroine tight in his arms. Afterwards, the two try to protect each other from Robert’s punishment. Robert punishes the heroine with the sentence to continue being married to the hero. The hero and heroine overjoyed by this sentence, end the story with confessing their love for each other.

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