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How can I tell him this child is his?

Annie Talbot can’t believe what her former boss, Brant, is telling her. After reuniting for the first time in years, he reveals that the son she’s been raising alone is actually his son—the babies had been switched at birth! She still vividly remembers how Brant supported her in the past, but she’s lived her life hiding a grave secret from him. And now Brant’s asked her to live in his house to raise the children together!

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There's a big spoiler in this review 4  4

This was quite a twister and all with what happened in the story. The heroine has her world turned upside down when she’s notified by the hospital where she gave birth to her son that was an accidental switch. It turns out the heroine’s son was mixed up with the hero’s son, resulting in her getting his son and vice versa. The whole situation is very delicate because they want their biological children but neither want to give up the child they’ve raised with love. However, it turns out the whole thing is a lot more complicated for the heroine than for the hero. SPOILER ALERT: The hero is the FATHER to both SONS!! What happened??? Years ago, the heroine was engaged colleague at the hero’s company. Yet, he cheated on her during the engagement and she ended it right there. It was unfortunate that she stopped working for the company; yet, she didn’t want to go back to work at the same place as her crummy ex. She’s invited to a company dinner and runs into the hero. They have a special night until the next morning. The heroine practically runs out, believing the hero only had pity sex with her. She had no idea the man was looking for her. She discovered her pregnancy and went to tell the hero, only to find out he had already married another woman. However, he got another woman(it was a trap by the woman) pregnant and married her out of obligation. The two hold some misinterpretations about each other where the hero thinks the heroine’s son is the EX and the heroine believes the hero still loves his wife who died in childbirth. The hero suggests a temporary co-habitation to see if they can raise both children together. The heroine agrees and the kids do well but the whole thing puts the heroine through the works from seeing all the fancy stuff as reminders the hero brought as a show of “love” for the dead wife to the massive secret weighing on her heart. They go out a couple of times with the heroine running and finally severing a connection with her EX. Explaining to the son they’re both their parents. Finally, the hero plays hardball in getting the heroine to marry him(he loves her but wants a shortcut instead taking the long way) or face custody battle for both boys. It causes her to cave and reveal the truth to the hero. It really shocks the hero and yet, he processes it quickly and calmly. He tells her to continue with the marriage and they have a civil ceremony. Next, they go on a personal honeymoon, ending their three years of abstinence (Yes, the hero was abstinent too). It seems all is well till the heroine overhears the hero desperately needing the ring of his late wife. She jumps back on her previous assumption, driving a wedge between our main couple. The kids find the ring. The hero and heroine have a conversation that stirs up the heroine’s courage and the hero’s drive. They meet again and have an in-depth talk. The hero opens up about how the dead wife trapped him in marriage with her pregnancy, additionally extorting countless amount of money by threatening to drink wine or go on severe diets during the pregnancy. The hero also says the ring was the dead woman’s mother and he wanted to give it to her son as a memento. They reconcile and decide to face the future together as a couple and as a family. It was really a good ending.

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