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Setting out to face her baby’s father, she is faced with a shocking truth…

After losing her parents, Morgan goes to the Caribbean to recover from her grief. She meets Bryan and, feeling lonely, has a one-night stand with him. Upon returning home, she realizes she is pregnant with Bryan’s child. She decides she must face him in person to tell him about the baby… But when she sees him again, she realizes that this is not the same man she had met in paradise!

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- Another dead brother's out of wedlock child story 2  2

I wasn't that it was a bad story, for it's type anyway. BBV (Bed Before Vows) stories never start high on my list. It was novel letting the hero and heroine meet, essentially, in between contractions as she goes into labor immediately after resolving the identity of the child's father. Can't say I've seen that sort of introduction before, but after that it wasn't anything exceptional to me. It was nice that there wasn't undue drama. The OW didn't try to sabotage them, and the the only family drama was the hero's parent's overenthusiastic welcome of the heroine and her son and subsequent plot to have her and the hero married. It really wasn't a bad story as stories go. I guess I just don't agree that dealing with personal trama is benefitted by casual sex, and I have a bias against stories that imply it's an acceptable form of therapy when, in actuality, it has many ways of causing even more trama in the long run.

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4.5 What an introduction 5  5

I have to say for the hero and heroine’s first meeting, this one makes it into the top twenty. The heavily pregnant heroine manages to storm her way into the hero’s office after spending months trying to contact him. She demands he acknowledge their time together and upon seeing the hero…….keeps demanding to see the man. The hero identifies himself as the man she’s looking for but she denies it can’t be him. She points to the picture of his brother that it’s him who was with her and used the hero’s name. The hero explains his brother who impersonated him to sow his oats and died six months ago. And from there, it just gets better with the hero suddenly rushing the heroine to the hospital because her water just broke. The hero stays for the baby, wondering why he should stay, considering the important business deals he needs to get back to. For me I would say, “You just discovered you’re an uncle by your dead brother. Any big business deals have been toppled by this.” I did love even though he has doubts about the baby being his nephew, he pays for the heroine to stay in a hospital’s VIP room then decks the place with flowers and baby gear for her. They have an adult conversation, agreeing to paternity tests and the heroine refusing any help. I liked how the two were handling things themselves from the hero feeling he’s reliving a past horror(ex-wife claimed to be pregnant with his child but turned out it wasn’t his) to the heroine dealing with the news of dead baby daddy and facing an uncertain tomorrow. Next, the hero makes the heroine stay at his place until further notice. The heroine is grateful for free lodging; yet, she doesn’t take well to the hero’s attitude. For example, she insists on paying her share of rent and utilities, but the hero ignores her wish rudely. After a month of radio silence, she finally gets his attention when she notifies him that she’s found employment and a place of residence. Translation: Nephew and her are moving out. He ditches his usual friend with “benefits” to stop her from leaving. This was another thing I liked was the communication of them talking things out from the hero apologizing for making her feel belittled to the heroine accepting his apology with little fuss. From there, they learn little more about each other like the hero discovering the heroine’s parents died from carbon monoxide poisoning in their sleep and it was the heroine who discovered their bodies. This was all two months before she met his brother, explaining why she threw caution to the wind. He finally tells his parents about their new grandchild. They’re shocked by the news; yet, all they want is to meet their grandson and his mother. The parents throw a big private(just them, hero, heroine, and grandson) welcome party. They invite the heroine with open arms and then along with the hero, gift her the insurance money from the dead brother that should go to his son and her as a way of letting it be a gift from father to son. It’s a great party till the parents start pressuring the hero and heroine to marry. I have to say it wasn’t a smart move because they know about the hero’s history with marriage and pushing someone into marriage will on push them against it harder. The hero tells the heroine that his “friend” and him are over, leading them to pursue a physical relationship. Next, paparazzi catches wind of the heroine and the hero “thinks” the only way to do damage control is for the heroine and him to marry. However, the heroine refuses and leaves with her son. The sight of her leaving finally gets the hero into realizing he doesn’t want to marry her out of necessity but because he loves her. As he races to find her, the heroine admits to the reader she wants the hero for himself. He finds her, we get an exchange of love confessions, and it ends with the mother admitting to selling their story to the papers as a nudge for the hero and heroine.

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