Pure Romance ALONG CAME TWINS...

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I can’t bear to think he’s already in love with someone else!

With regret in her heart, Kellie leaves her husband, the billionaire Leandros. But in her belly is the baby that they have been waiting for. Kellie knows she must tell him, even if their relationship has ended. But when she attempts to meet him, she is confronted by his late wife’s sister, who snidely tells her he’s already moved on…with her! How will Leandros react to her news if he doesn’t need her anymore?

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Couple's Counsel!!! YES!!! 5  5

I loved “Along came Twins” because of the message it showed: there is nothing wrong with couple’s therapy. We have the hero and heroine who have been separated for the last few months when the hero objected to the heroine’s wish for couple’s counsel. He thought they could talk it out but her leaving finally got through his head that there is unspoken trouble in their marriage. She comes back after discovering they’re going to be parents, something they tirelessly tried for the last two years. The hero and heroine commit to making an effort in fixing their marriage before the babies are born. They distance themselves from work and family to private island where they can seek private counsel. They find a fabulous woman who helps them up open about their anxiety. This is the part that drew me in like how both were surprised to find out the other was suffering anxiety and uncertainty over the other. For example, how the hero was shocked the heroine talking about feeling inferior to his dead first wife whose younger sister is our OW then the heroine hearing about the hero’s feeling like a failure when they found out the heroine was allergic to semen. The next great thing is how they started taking action after the first session. They find a friend who’s engaged to the OW and tell him what’s going on. They even set a trap for the OW to prove they’re right. She proclaims the hero impregnated her, which the hero denies because he wasn’t that drunk. Once the woman leaves, the heroine and friend come out of their hiding place. The poor heartbroken friend leaves, trying to appear strong. Yet, the heroine and hero discuss the suffering he must be going through. Our main couple go through a second session about what they want to give each other but it’s been twisted into giving material items or feeling what you give isn’t enough. It’s all hard stuff to hear; yet, it’s necessary in building their relationship into a stronger one. Things go well until the hero gets a call from the OW. She states she’s going to swallow a whole bottle of sleeping pills along and then call the police to give a false confession that the baby was the hero’s. The hero and heroine rush to the hotel, finding the friend has already beaten them. The hero and heroine try to talk sense to her like think of the baby. However, she brazenly refuses till the friend gives her a good slap (she deserved it). Next, the man gives a great speech, managing to break through the OW’s walls. The heroine sees she’s similar to the OW in wanting to monopolize one man’s love. Afterwards, the hero and heroine finally make their big step forward in re-confessing their love. We skip two months to the OW and friend finally marrying along with the OW apologizing to the hero and heroine for all she’s done. Next, we skip past more months to where the hero and heroine are enjoying life as parents to their twin babies.

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