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Why do I feel as though something terrible is about to happen?

Kara has firmly decided it’s time to quit. Whenever she looks at her boss, Cooper, her head gets filled with unrealistic fantasies about them being together. But he doesn't even notice her! When Kara arrives at his door to hand in her resignation, Cooper seems different from usual. And the house he’s staying in is riddled with rumors of ghosts. Kara can’t help but feel that something terrible is about to happen…

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3.5 Spooks and Ghosts 4  4

Our hero is a runner, one who avoids his past at all costs like not visiting home for fifteen years till he’s forced to come home for a family meeting and suffering from writer’s block for his next big horror novel. The heroine is the man’s everything from Butler to Secretary but she’s had enough after five years. She wants husband, kids, and home; yet, seeing to the hero’s every need has kept her from even speed dating. She decides to hand in her resignation even though, she’s finally meeting the man’s mysterious family as well as learning the history of the haunted house they’re currently residing in. By meeting the hero’s family, she learns about his trauma. Approximately fifteen years ago, the teenage hero and his cousins were dare deviling by jumping off a cliff into the local lake. One jumped off and didn’t immediately come up. One cousin expressed they should jump down to check but the hero said wait. Unfortunately, in one minute they realized the seriousness and it was too late. The boy’s death shattered their worlds, leading the hero into a guilt-ridden self-imposed exile from everything for what he did. The trip back home has actually done him some good because he sees the other cousin had faced his inner demons along with having the courage to move forward with his fiancée. The other thing is the heroine dropping her resignation (her bomb) on him and suddenly he realizes how useless he is without her. I liked how the author made the heroine sick and got the hero into caring for her. Even the ghosts haunting the home push him into admitting his feelings for the heroine and how his dead cousin would hate him for blaming himself for his cousin’s death. This is all after the heroine and him have coitus then he draws back into his shell when he sees the dead cousin’s old girlfriend. The heroine leaves and once the hero finally moves forward, he runs like crazy to catch up her. He gives a real good speech and wishes to have a second chance with the heroine. He asks her to marry him and she says yes.

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