Historical Romance THE CAPTIVE BRIDE

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Can he capture her heart, as well as her castle?

Sir Senet has come to steal Lady Katharine’s castle away from her. But the only way for him to get it is to marry her. Lady Katherine flatly refuses him and does everything in her power to defy him. But, in time, she feels her emotions begin to change as his sharp eyes and strong, battle-tested body begin to win her over!

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Good Tale 4  4

The hero and heroine are strong minded people with a desire to reach their goals, goals that the other individual obstruct from achieving. The heroine is the leader of her castle, a rarity in the world of men. She wants to keep it that way since she watched how her mother suffered under her father, plus the men who kept raiding her castle after his death. It’s why she doesn’t want to get married and is lucky enough to have a fiancée who disappeared in the crusade a decade ago. However, her King has offered her home and hand to the hero as a reward for his bravery in battle. This is a huge thing for the hero who is son of a traitor; a title he suffered gravely since he was a young boy. His own noble friends turned against him and his knightly mentor tortured him till his brother-in-law rescued him. Now, he has a chance to gain it back by getting the heroine to marry him. Yet, she proves to be quite a challenge. She conjures up a lie of loving her fiancée, which he responds by invading the castle. His attitude about their marriage and bringing in his young ward who the heroine accuses as the hero’s lover (girl is practically his little sister). He tells her they’ll be married tomorrow and she escapes with all her handmaidens. Unfortunately, the hero’s ward unwittingly reveals the heroine’s escape. They manage to catch the heroine and her handmaidens, leading them back to the castle covered in mud. The next morning, she still refuses to wed, so he plays a trick. He has one of his men pull one of the handmaidens away under the guise that he’ll rape her. The heroine submits, not knowing the man took the maid out to profusely apologize to the woman for the man handle and charade. The heroine gets her own surprise when the hero doesn’t force himself on her. He says he doesn’t think a wife is a possession and will wait for her consent. From then, he keeps on surprising her like having her participate as his equal in governing their land and people. A good example: he got a throne for her next to his then announced to everyone that her word carries authority equal to his. He becomes entranced by her dedication to the people and she is drawn in by his character. They become close, entering into a physical relationship till news of her first fiancée arriving. In truth, it’s actually her cousin playing the fiancée as one of her hairbrained schemes. Sadly, the hero falls for it and decides because he loves the heroine, he should leave her to be with the man she loves. When the cousin tells her, she races after him. Once they manage to catch him; she reveals the lies, professes her love, and begs for the hero’s forgiveness. He forgives her and confesses he loves her too. They go back and announce the heroine’s pregnancy and suddenly…the real fiancée appears. The cousin gets him to be ignored and brings the festivities back into play.

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