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A precious promise was made on a shooting star that night in San Lorenzo.

Aisling, a headhunter, is hired by the Italian hotel magnate Gianluca. After making a big project a success, Aisling goes to a party at Gianluca’s manor and decides to let loose for once. Gianluca keeps gazing at her as though she’s prey… It doesn’t seem like he’ll back off until he makes her his. Aisling knows it’s only for one night, but she wants to surrender both her body and her secrets to him…

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The hero's wall 3  3

I felt the story was mostly about the hero getting through his big life issues in order to move forward with the heroine. We have the heroine and hero whose relationship is business with him hiring her as a headhunter. Now, the two have experienced and made decisions of love/marriage based off their parents. The heroine’s mom fell for a heroine’s dad who ditched her upon hearing she was pregnant. So, she spent her remaining years dating a bunch of men, trying to find a husband and father. Unfortunately, her idea not only left the heroine with negative feelings as well as financial straits. The heroine decided not marry unless it was for love. The hero was born into what he thought was a happy marriage. Then it was shattered, after his mother’s death. It’s not because the father started dating a lot of women but was tearing up a bunch of letters. The hero’s curiosity got the better and after taping the pieces back together, he found out his mother had a lover. The discovery just shattered the hero’s whole foundation of love and marriage. He was so hurt by his mother’s betrayal nor could he talk about it to his dad in fear of hurting him. So, he built this giant wall around his heart with anything relating to marriage and love, and sadly keeping his family and friends at a distance (who see the distance but can’t make heads or tails of it). He invites her to a private party where lines are blurred and they fall into bed. Yet, the hero leaves her because he’s heard her tale about her promise to her mom and feels he can’t give her that. She leaves hurt but shakes off the pain. Strangely enough, the day they run into each other again is the day they both discover they’re expecting a baby. He pushes her into accepting his “marriage proposal”. She agrees and dissolves her company, most of her employees are good with it. After that, she lives with the hero’s family who welcome her with open arms. Next, their baby boy is born safely and we finally come upon the big issues. The hero is suffers anxiety and distances himself from time to time towards everyone like his newborn son. It’s his immense guilt from cornering the heroine into marriage and therefore; breaking her promise to her mother. He starts on the small stuff to make the heroine smile his way like taking their small family to visit her mother’s grave. The heroine sees the hero never lets his guard down anywhere, even at home and she asks him about it. He denies there’s no problem. That statement flies out the window when they land in her home country. What happens is hero gets confronted by one of the heroine’s former employees who had a major crush on her. The man’s goading like how the baby might not be the hero’s and how little the hero cares for the heroine actually hit a sore spot. It sends the hero into punching the dickens out of the man. The heroine finds out and goes to the hero to talk. We have a fight and she leaves to let the hero have some time to cool off. The whole thing pushes the hero into a deep self-reflection. He finally admits to himself(and a cousin who came by) that he loves the heroine. His cousin tells him to get the heroine. The hero catches the heroine and professes his love for her. We skip to the scene where the former employee, all black and blue is being “scolded” by a fellow colleague for his stupid actions. We do find out the hero apologized to the employee with a bottle of wine. In addition, the employee figures out he didn’t love the heroine (Well, no duh on that if you were going to belittle the woman you love by stating she’s a manipulator and all) . We skip a couple months forward to a point where the hero is wearing matching shirts with his son and has come forward to his father about knowing the letters. They’re able to realize despite the mother had a lover, she constantly prayed that both father and son would be happy. We have a happy ending with the hero, heroine, and their son enjoying watching a meteor shower after their wedding.

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