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After spending the night with the man of my dreams, our tragic destiny began…

Suki has always been in love with her best friend’s brother, gorgeous and kindhearted Ramon. After they spend the night of her twenty-fifth birthday together, her heart is shattered when he immediately gets back together with his stunning girlfriend. For the next year, she keeps her distance from Ramon, until a tragic accident brings them back together. Suki has never told him about the baby they almost had, but Ramon has shocking news of his own… He wants Suki to have his child!

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Our hero and heroine are acquainted through the hero’s brother being the heroine’s best friend. It contrasts with to the hero’s initial belief that they were dating but the two clear it up on the brother’s birthday. It’s also same night the heroine and hero went at it after the heroine heard the hero had broken up with his beautiful model girlfriend. He leaves the next morning without a word and she finds out on the news that the hero and old girlfriend are engaged. There’s flashback about how all three met and then a year skips by. Within that year, our couple suffer many losses from the heroine having a miscarriage to the hero’s entire family dying tragically on Holiday, including the brother. The heroine is requested by the hero to meet and she arrives to see his cold gaze. The man shows her his brother’s will, reading out the part of the heroine’s child receiving his money then pulls out bank statements on the brother’s card with highlighted transaction for an abortion. The hero came to the conclusion the heroine was pregnant with his baby that night and got an abortion paid by his brother. The evidence looks bad but the hero never checked with the clinic to see if the abortion was done based on the date set and/or if anyone arrived for it. The whole thing is a real rollercoaster for the hero who believes his brother hated him based on how he avoided him for a whole year. The heroine clarifies his misunderstanding with how it was just the opposite. The brother loved him very much but he wasn’t good with keeping secrets, especially one as big as the heroine’s. After they have a fight, he proposes a deal to her. He states he’ll pay for her mother’s expensive medical bills if she’ll bear his child. She refuses till he says that he wants to have a baby with her. He’s just a man, heartbroken and in immense pain from dealing with reality that he’s lost his entire loving family. Listening to the man’s words hits the heroine’s heart; although, she still stays on her initial decision. Next, the hero does dig deeper and discovers it was actually a miscarriage. He asks for the heroine’s forgiveness and she gives it. She opens up about her past with her father, a married man who deceived her mother into having an affair then ditching when he learned she was pregnant. The heroine asks him why he wants her to carry his baby and he responds that she’s the only woman he wants to have a baby with. His words change her decision into agreeing to have a baby for him. They spend another passionate night, and he takes her on a business trip. Unfortunately, they run into the hero’s model girlfriend. It’s later revealed that the hero and her were only using each other as shields off paparazzi; yet, the hero forgot to tell the woman that the heroine was someone special. So, the woman pulls the whole charade on the heroine who’s already feeling insecure of whether the hero loves her or not. Before the hero can straighten things out with the heroine, she’s called away to help her mother. A trip to the hospital turns out to be a good thing because they find out the heroine is pregnant. The pregnancy and hearing the rumors about the hero marrying the woman finally encourage the heroine to confess her feelings to the hero over the phone. Then she brings up her pregnancy and how she’ll raise the baby alone, so he and the woman can be together. Right then, he suddenly appears in front of her. He expresses his joy over her pregnancy then proclaims he loves the heroine too. They tell the mom who is overjoyed with the news. Then the hero reveals a little tidbit: the picture he drew that was supposed is based off a statue he loved back in high school and the Ex-girlfriend only looked very similar to the sculpture. The hero also says the woman apologizes for her unnecessary intervention. On the last page, we see the hero has drawn the heroine and their baby.

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