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Destiny brought me a tycoon with alluring silver eyes…

Sophie, a chambermaid at a first-class hotel in Rome, meets guest Bastiano Conti, a gorgeous Italian tycoon. The two connect instantly over their love of Sicily and an undeniable attraction to one another. They begin a secret relationship…with everything going well until they are found out. Sophie, disgraced, finds herself out of a job, alone and…pregnant!

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It did bother me, having to read the end of the series and spoiling the happy endings of all the previous heroes and heroines. Still, I couldn’t wait to read this one. Our hero has lost so much in his life from his father abandoning him before he was even born to his mother dying in childbirth. Then his beloved grandfather dying on him, causing him to be raised abusively in his relatives’ home. If that weren’t enough, he lost his best friend because he slept with the guy’s mom (Friend’s Joey’s big No-No) who died in a car accident. Since then, he’s been at odds with his best friend, following in the steps of their families’ feud. He’s presently battling the Ex-best friend over a buyout of a high-class hotel. It’s where he meets our heroine, one of the maids. They connect on being both Sicilian and their relationship develops quickly from there. They talk about themselves in pieces: for example, like how the heroine ran away from her wedding because she didn’t like the man her parents had arranged for her to marry. During their intimacy, the heroine learns out two things: 1) her friend (heroine from book 2) gave birth with the father (book 2 hero) being out of the picture and 2) the hero is the owner of the new hotel. Our couple part ways for a month and the hero comes back with his mother’s ring after a decade long separation. It was the only keepsake he had of his mother that he bequeathed to his friend’s mother as a symbol of love. When she died, the friend kept it from him out of spite. They go back to being intimate and he opens up about his family history, especially his relationship with his friend’s mother. The hero and friend were the best of pals. When they were seventeen, the friend had to study abroad. He asked the hero to watch out for his mother since his father abused her. One day, he saw the aftermath of another one of the man’s beatings. He went to help the poor woman and the affair started then. Afterwards, the affair is discovered, and the woman died in a car accident with the hero as her passenger. The friend beat the hero up so badly, he ended up with the long scar on his face. We learn later the whole affair was between a 17-year old kid and a thirty-five year woman, which aroused my suspicion. The woman must have known of the hero’s history and took advantage of that. She manipulated his good intentions to satisfy her sexual needs. In fact, the friend clarifies in the end that while his father was an abuser, his mother was the cheater in the family. She only went after the hero in order to spite her husband of sleeping with the enemy. The heroine is actually the first person to say he’s not entirely at fault and she’s right. Their relationship is discovered by the hotel’s trampy maid and heroine’s superior. She’s peeved over the heroine stealing her usual prey (rich men and their wallets). She gets revenge by stealing the hero’s ring and planting it in the heroine’s apron. Losing the ring sends the hero overboard and when they find it in the heroine’s pocket, he has her immediately fired without question. They don’t see each other again till the surprise wedding for book 2 hero and heroine. By then, the heroine discovers her pregnancy and doesn’t tell the hero. They separate but seeing the heroine again causes the hero to reflect on the incident. He digs into the hotel’s camera system and it proves it was the jealous co-worker. He has the woman fired and gets the heroine’s reputation and job reinstated; however, she’s already disappeared. Six months pass with no word on the heroine and the hero decides it’s time to find her. Luckily, one call from a friend (book 2 hero), notifies him that the heroine is applying at one of his facilities. He sees her and her pregnant belly outside her work’s doorstep. The heroine had no idea until a couple of hours ago that the facility was owned by the hero. However, she has little choice what with her parents demanding she give up the baby and limited job prospects for a pregnant woman. Within the short time frame of their reunion, a lot of things happen. The hero apologizes for the ring incident (add in, he chucked the ring upon determining its bad luck with what happened to his mother, friend’s mother, and heroine) and the heroine quickly forgives him. He proposes marriage to the heroine who rejects it till she finds out his mother died giving birth to him. Two days passes before their wedding and on his visit to meet his mother, he runs into the ex-friend. They have the long-awaited sit down where the friend reveals a lot of things like what was stated earlier. The guy knew about his mother but I guess his lashing out at the hero was because he couldn’t lash out at his dead mother for seducing his best friend. Both apologize and the friend becomes the best man at the wedding. After the ceremony, they find the mother’s ring and the heroine goes into labor. Between the labor and the birth, the hero and heroine confess their love for the other. She ends up safely delivering their son with the midwife who delivered the hero as well. We fast forward three months with all the heroines and heroes together with their babies for afternoon tea. It ends happily and I enjoyed the story.

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