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I can’t believe I am living with my sister’s ex-fiancé!

When Tate Harper agreed to meet with her estranged sister, she never imagined all she’d find was a baby and a note. But this isn’t the first time her sister has abandoned her own child! Four years ago, she left her fiancé, successful business owner Linc Ballantyne, at the altar with their newborn baby. Now desperate to find her sister, Tate finds herself at Linc’s door. Linc agrees to help her, but only if she’ll temporarily take care of his son in return. Can she really move in with her sister’s ex?

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This is some plot. 4  4

I have read plots about siblings dumping their problems onto their other siblings. I have read siblings taking advantage of their other siblings’ good nature to trying to destroy their reputation. Yet, this harlequin with the theme of bad sibling was just confounding to me. Now, we’ll start this chronologically. The heroine lived with her parents till her mother’s twin sister got cancer and died a painful death. Next, her cousin was adopted and became her sister. Yet by then, the father left to start a new family because her mother was so focused on twin and niece but he wouldn’t even take his own daughter with him. Then the mother just pampered the niece and neglected the heroine. Of course, this pampering led the niece become a spoiled brat who spread horrible rumors about the heroine everywhere she went. As time went on, this woman met the hero who shared a child and were supposed to marry but she jilted him on the day of their wedding. She left behind a trail full of lies to both the hero about the heroine about the other. The heroine’s life gets busy with having to care for her dying neglectful mother and becoming a world traveling tv host who lives in a suitcase and eats the local delicacies like bugs. Four years pass since the wedding incident and it’s been two years since the heroine and her sister last spoke because of the huge fight when the woman refused to see her son. Now, the heroine gets a call from the woman out of the blue to come see her and the heroine goes of course. Only instead of finding her sister, she finds a baby with a letter from her sister that the baby is hers, she’s unable to take care of her, and if the heroine needs any help then she needs to go to the hero. As in the very man her sister jilted at the altar. The heroine is so dazed of what just happened that she actually goes to the hero for help. The hero is less than pleased at the sudden appearance of the heroine and even less so to discover his ex-fiancée has done it again. However, the man isn’t a total monster to chase away the rain-soaked heroine out into the cold with a baby. Plus, his mother is there as his voice of reason as well as an ally to the heroine. She helps the hero realizes his unfairness as well as cruelty in his words to the heroine by comparing her to her sister, especially after the two both figure out the sister was lying to them both. He apologizes with an actual “I’m Sorry”. Both tell each other’s sides and end up agreeing to the idea of the heroine working as a nanny until they can find the sister. Thus begins their bond building and the hero suddenly starts imagining himself at a wedding as the groom with the heroine as his bride. He even kisses her half asleep. Then he botches it up by stating it was a mistake, leading the heroine to assume he still has the hots for the sister and she’ll never good enough for the sister. When things finally start progressing, they find the sister only to learn it’s too late. Apparently, the sister had cancer like her mother. It was stage four brain tumor cancer. She kept the whole thing quiet because she had watched her mother die from the agony nor wanted anybody to watch her. The woman also had a list of things prepared like adoption agency consultation set up for her daughter. The heroine decides to let them adopt the daughter with the hero protesting her choice. He asks her to stay him, breaking down her reason to stay away stems from being abandoned by her family and have many precious things taken away from her. The man even proclaims his love for her in a way, but she rejects him on the basis that she cannot love. She takes her niece to the potential adoptive couple but she finds herself unable to give the little girl away the moment she stretches her little chubby hand out to her and says mama. The couple understand and the heroine goes back to the hero. Both apologize to each other finally say the words, “I love you”. I loved how they opened up and we get a sweet little ending of the hero and heroine’s wedding.

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