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He bought me…and now I’m falling for him…

Pixie met the rich Apollo while attending her friend’s wedding. Her first impression of him was terrible, so why did she end up dreaming about him? She has other things to worry about, like her younger brother’s insurmountable debts. But who should appear and offer to pay them off? Apollo! But he has a condition—she must agree to become his bride!

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3.5 winding romance to Christmas 4  4

This is the sequel to, “The Italian’s Christmas Child” with our main couple are the friend and cousin if you can recall from other my review. The main couple grew up in relatively similar childhoods to the previous hero and heroine. The heroine was shuffled between foster homes till she ended up in the same place as the other heroine. The hero grew in a toxic environment of a self-centered father who married too many mean women who used any means necessary to get the family fortune from fake pregnancy to poisoning; I’m not joking about the last one. The heroine wants marriage before bedding and the hero wants nothing to do with marriage. Yet, fate has roped them together. The hero needs a wife in order to keep his father’s widow from stealing the family’s inheritance based on a condition in his father’s will. The condition being he needs to wed a woman who’ll bear the next heir and he’s chosen the heroine. The reason being she’s unlike any of the other women he’s ever known (never encountered a woman who had hit him with a glass full of champagne). Plus, he has the advantage over the heroine who’s in financial difficulty. It turns her brother fell into debt with some serious loan shark mafia gangsters because he borrowed money in order to fund a business venture that failed. Of course, we discover later it’s a lie with the hero revealing and the heroine overhearing that the debt was from the brother’s gambling addiction. The hero offers to pay off the debt if she’ll marry him. She sees no other choice since she already had a run in with the loan sharks that sent her to the hospital. We see the first book get mixed in and by the end of the first, we come to the hero and heroine’s wedding. They go on their honeymoon but nothing really happens for a major reason. The heroine decides to open up about having to scar her own stomach in order to keep creepers from raping her in the foster homes and how she’s still a virgin. The hero leaves out of respect for the heroine but she misunderstands into believing he’s turned off by her. They suffer distance and miscommunication for a bit till a club incident finally gets the two conversing with each other. They’re able to cross the line and everything goes fine till the hero discovers the heroine is pregnant before she can tell him. The man jumps to the conclusion she kept it in order to keep having a steady flow of cash like all the other previous women in his life. His accusations hurt the heroine incredibly who states she never told him because she only wanted more time with him. She goes back home and stays there till the previous heroine invites her out for a masquerade party. There she finds herself dressed like the female character of her favorite childhood book with the hero dressed like the male counterpart. He opens up about his insecurities, asking the heroine for another chance. He professes his love and she accepts. We skip a year later to see all whole gang together on Christmas, enjoying joyful tidings with their children.

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