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He believes she’s wicked. She’s willing to marry him anyway.

“How much will it cost to get you to give up guardianship of my nephews?” That’s what Cruz De Carillo asks Trinity when she freezes under his contemptuous glare. A year and a half ago, Trinity had been his maid—until she was entrusted with his half brother Leo’s sons. After circumstances led her into a fake marriage with Leo, he suddenly died. Now Cruz believes Trinity was after Leo’s money. She tries to tell him the real reason, but he won’t listen—which hurts, especially because the one she has feelings for is Cruz!

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3.5 overcoming lies and obstacles 4  4

The hero and heroine are at odds since the day she married his half-brother till she married him. How did it come to this point? Well, the heroine was the hero’s maid who held an unrequited love for the man, breaking down in tears whenever she saw him smooching another woman. The Half-Brother stumbled upon one of her tear fests and became the shoulder she both cried on and unleashed her dark secrets. He suggested she work for him since it was so hard to work for the hero. It was after she entered his household that she went from maid to wife. The man proposed marriage because he saw how much love the heroine showered on his twin boys, a love he never received as a child. However, it’s terrible timing because it factored in the hero’s belief the heroine was a conniving GD (Gold Digger). Apart from that, there was so the brother’s first wife who loved luxury more than her husband. Plus, the brother spewed lies about the heroine like “she emptied his bank account” and all to the hero. Then his brother dies and the hero aims to save his nephews from the heroine’s “claws”. Once the will is read, listing the fortune goes straight to the boys but thanks to the brother’s debts, they have nothing including their house that is being liquidated. This is where the hero comes in with his proposal to the heroine: Name a Price and sign over her parental rights to the hero. The hero doesn’t let the heroine get a word edgewise (as if he’d believe her even if she said the sky was blue); yet, the heroine doesn’t reveal her marriage was merely a contract. Afterwards, the hero continues on with his threats, but what I found ridiculous that within the three months time span between his brother’s funeral and the reading of the will he could have gotten one of his investigators to sweet talk the housekeeper into spilling the inner works at his brother’s household. It’s 101 lesson you learn from binge watching shows like Downton Abbey. He thinks the heroine’s loving attitude towards his nephews is the best charade around. Although, it’s pretty sad he thinks in such way since the man’s mother viewed him more an asset than her child. The hero thinks the best solution is to marry the heroine. He corners the her into agreeing to his proposal. We get a flashback in the hero’s memories where he showed kindness to his brother resulting in their cruel father beating the poor brother. The trauma resulted in the hero trying to protect his brother from a distance. After that, he strived hard to make sure his brother was legitimatized to having a share in their father’s fortune. Things progress slowly what with the heroine helping the hero connect with his nephews to the heroine crumbling his image of her when she returns one of the rings. As time goes on, he sees there’s a difference between what his brother said versus heroine’s daily life. Next, the hero apologizes for a rude comment and it leads to the two sexual intercourse. It’s where the hero learns the heroine was virgin up until that moment. There’s a bit of distancing then the hero asks for her side of the story. The heroine reveals when she was working as a maid, she came back to find the boys neglected and the brother in a drunken stupor. She threatened to call the police and notify the hero. The guy begged her not to tell the hero, opening up how he cares for his sons but he doesn’t know how to love since he was never shown love by anyone before. Next, she talks about their marriage was for her to give his sons love and she would have money for college tuition. The hero apologizes for his cruel words, admitting his jealousy of the heroine was with the brother and not him. Later, the hero comes to the heroine distressed upon reading the results from his investigators. It turns out the brother had a gambling addiction and even used the heroine’s name for all the loans and credit cards. He deceived everyone into making it look like the heroine led him to ruin. The hero wants to let the heroine go to fulfill her dream by divorcing her, but he’s doing the same thing as earlier; he won’t let her get a word in. The heroine finally shuts him up with how she wants to stay married to him for real. However, he pushes her away to guard his vulnerability. The heroine gives him a gift from his brother and it’s the item from the first time he showed his brother kindness as children. He races after the heroine, opening up about his fears and confessing his love to the heroine. We fast forward two years later where the hero and heroine are enjoying life with their boys and newborn baby girl.

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