Historical Romance MAIDEN BRIDE 2

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Am I burning with revenge? Or desire?

Nicholas is finally ready to welcome his bride, Gillian. But after bringing her back to his castle from the convent, he discovers she is anything but meek and mild. She dares to talk back to and even hit the imposing, vengeful lord! Despite her rough personality, he catches himself burning with desire for her!

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It got better. 4  4

We come back to the heroine demanding the hero to tell her what he did with the lecherous lord. He refuses and it leads to a fight with her running on the dinner tables as the hero chases her. Their whole spat is seen by the hero’s sister and brother-in-law who have dropped in for a visit. After things have settled, the hero confesses he scared the vulgar lord. Next, the B-I-L becomes the first person to tell the hero straight that he needs to face his feelings. His words only incites the hero into starting another fight. The two roll around the room like snarling dogs till the heroine throws a bucket of water on them with statement to cool off. The B-I-L declares he’s taking his family home within the hour. It gives the heroine and her new sister-in-law enough time for the woman tell the heroine why the hero hated her uncle so much. Next is the hero and heroine consummate their marriage, ending on a sour note since neither will admit they love the other. Later, the couple get news that someone is looking for the heroine, inquiring questions about her. So, the hero sends his right hand to inquire about the man. The hero still acts like he hates the heroine until she contracts a serious sickness after nursing many of the sick villagers and servants. From there, he becomes her nurse and barely sleeps till he sees improvement in her health. He even hears her declare she loves him in a delirious state. The first thing the heroine sees is the hero’s joyful face streaked with tears. After that, the hero becomes caring towards the heroine’s health but his actions are misinterpreted. He wants her to be healthy and not die from anything like childbirth, which was his mother’s fate. However, he stays away and plays the “monk” around her. The heroine thinks the hero is the same until one of the servants tells her about the hero stayed constantly by her bedridden side without food or sleep. One of the things I found silly is one of the servants telling the hero a bold faced lie that if you sleep with a woman more than once, then chances of her getting pregnant are lowered. What was even sillier was not only the hero believing the tall tale but he changes his mind to desiring the heroine to have his baby. It contrasts cause he continues on making love with her. I did like how he finally admits to the heroine he doesn’t want revenge, he only wants her. They’re finally become a couple and are things are going till the heroine’s “long lost brother” appears. The man comes in declaring he’s her brother, giving the heroine “proof” since she did have a brother who she thought died a long time ago. The heroine believes the man, but the whole thing is rather suspicious to the hero. He considers the “brother” might have been the man who was asking a lot of questions about the heroine. Not forgetting the perfect motive would be claiming rightful ownership of the uncle’s land since he would be the Male Heir. After it’s confirmed the heroine is pregnant, the “brother” takes her out on a walk. However, the hero can sense trouble and races after them. He also finds out from the B-I-L that the man looks similar to a man who he fought with but was kicked out after causing big trouble(a knight who killed his Lord). The hero and man have a duel where the man’s true colors come out in his attempt to kill the hero through cheating. Luckily, the B-I-L is there with a dagger that he thrusts right into the imposter’s back. This is the moment where the hero and his B-I-L come to an understanding for the first time. Afterwards, they find out the man was indeed an imposter and the heroine’s real brother died as a child. We have a little proclamation of love between the two and their unborn baby. Then we skip to the scene where the heroine is delivering the baby and swearing at the hero who swears back at her. It all changes the moment they hear their baby’s wails. It’s a lovely ending with the hero, heroine, and their newborn little boy.

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