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The girl with the seductive red hair falls in love for the first time…

On her twentieth birthday, Robin runs away from her spiteful aunt, who has always assumed that Robin is the same promiscuous and troubled woman that her late mother was due to their red hair. Robin sees her opportunity to start a new life with a job as an elderly woman’s companion. But her heart sinks when she realizes that the person in charge of hiring is none other than Marc Hammond, a heartless lawyer who mercilessly fired Robin two years ago!

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Not one of the Best Cinderella Interpretations. 3  3

The story is a rendition of Cinderella if Cinderella were viewed as a seductress. Our heroine has had it hard since her mother’s death as a child She was sent to live with her aunt who is one bitter old hag. The woman was constantly referred as the ugly sister in comparison to her older and more beautiful sister. It planted a seed of insecurity then became a deep-rooted hatred that only thrived even after her sister’s death. To me, the aunt is the ugly sister and not because of her outward appearance, but her inside personality. She just abused the heroine through her words and actions like how the heroine will just be like her mother, only knowing how to lie on her back and all since the heroine was born out of wedlock. I think it was her way of getting revenge on the dead sister for being “better”. It only made it unjust as well as ridiculous for a grown woman to unleash her wrath onto a child. Her husband was the only kind one to the heroine in the family dynamic, but his kindness only infuriated his wife into mistreating the heroine more. I personally was disappointed with the man because even though he was trying his best by being the mediator in the family, he allowed his wife to abuse their niece. He never put his foot that she either stop, seek counseling, seek therapy or he bring up divorce. The aunt herself was a real pain throughout by being blind to what she had; for example, her sister may have had many men but they only wanted her body, not her own person. The aunt may have only had one man but you only need one if he treats you like a woman, a friend, and an equal individual. He was also the one who wanted her over the “pretty” sister. Despite her cruel behavior, he stayed married to her. Once the heroine hits eighteen, she gets hired as an assistant to our hero, the attorney. I want to take a moment for the reader to note the age difference between our main couple is at least 10-12 years old. Why? Well, if the heroine is eighteen and the hero is a certified attorney then it’s estimated he graduated university at 22. Then if he went straight from university to Law School, we estimate another three years at school. Next add in a year of hard core studying for the Bar. After that, he’s probably 27 but needs work experience before opening his own law firm. So, he probably spent 2-3 years working under another law firm to gain the experience in managing a law office independently. I’m explaining all this because I want the reader to see how clueless the hero really is. He hires the young and naïve heroine who tries her best in making a good impression. Yet, his flirtatious brother starts hanging around the heroine, constantly pushing her to join him for lunch. The hero probably expects her to reject the guy but it’s astounding of how little he understands the heroine’s situation. The heroine only agrees because 1) she has manners where she can only refuse him for so long and 2) fear that her rejections would steer her boss’s little brother into giving a bad review to the hero. So, she goes out with him for only ONE lunch where everyone acts in an appropriate manner and then it bursts out of control. The brother escorts the heroine back to the office where the hero is entertaining a client who turns out to be the heroine’s possessive ex-boyfriend. Right off the bat, the man jumps to the conclusion that the heroine and the brother are dating because they both walked into the office together. A brawl breaks out and the hero fires the heroine over the whole thing being her fault. Let’s get this straight: the highly educated hero places blame on the heroine for the actions of ex-boyfriend who is a fully functioning adult in body and mind, perfectly capable of making his own decision no matter how dumb they are. The man uses her body and facial features as an excuse, which is prejudice in every form. They don’t see each other for two years. They reunite when the heroine applies for room and board senior’s companion job cause she finally left her aunt’s house. The hero is right ready to kick her out till his senior turns out to be one of the heroine’s friends from the flea market. From there, the heroine is hired and earns the hero’s evil eye because he believes she’s some kind of temptress. His opinion starts changing upon meeting her aunt when they’re getting her clothes because the woman starts accusing the heroine of shacking up with the hero. They go through a lot of ups and downs with the hero learning about the heroine’s abused past to the heroine learning about the hero’s trauma of losing both parents. There was one scene I did like: the heroine and hero discover her uncle collapsed on the kitchen floor and rush him to the hospital. The aunt comes running and slaps the heroine under the assumption the heroine caused the man’s collapse. The hero jumps to the heroine’s defense, stating he can sue the aunt for defamation and slander (don’t forget assault) and it scares the woman away. It was disappointing the hero didn’t follow with the suit cause it would have been a good slice of humble pie for the aunt. I should also add in there’s not even a thank-you from the aunt to our main couple for saving her husband’s life. He apologizes for later for some of his earlier assumptions and they grow closer. Next, the hero and heroine go out to a big party where the brother is attending with his girlfriend. Right there, the man completely ignores his girlfriend and tries dance with the heroine. The hero and heroine try to keep him at a distance but the man is a complete insensitive dunce. Unfortunately, the girlfriend pulls the heroine aside, blaming her for leading her man astray, and demanding she stay away from the brother. I knew the woman had a screw loose when she described her beau as cute and honest. The fool can’t see beyond her rose-tinted glasses the man is an egotistical selfish flirt who immediately rejects her marriage proposal nor chases her when she runs away in tears. The heroine can see what a jerk he is cause he asks the heroine to elope with him right after his girlfriend runs off. She rejects him using her employment contract with the hero. Irritated by her refusal, the brother reveals the hero only stuck with her because his girlfriend asked him too. The hero admits it’s true to the heroine who runs away in a heartbroken enraged state. The hero catches up to her and sparking up an argument that ends in the worst way possible: the hero calling the heroine a whore. The man utters a small sorry (not enough) but the heroine has had it. She makes a pretty drastic change: she quits her job, cuts off all her beautiful hair with a pair of scissors, and disappears. She stays at a friend’s place along with her Pixie cut. Until the hero appears before her with crutches, a broken foot, and a big apology. He asks for her forgiveness, giving a good confession and declaration of love. He asks her to marry him and she says yes. We get a happy wedding scene, including the aunt being one of the attendees (probably out of consideration for the uncle) and a nice little one-page epilogue with their kids.

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