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He wants an heir from her and nothing more…

In order to repay her half brother’s debt, Penny marries the Earl of Darleston instead of her twin sister―while hiding the fact that she’s legally blind! Meanwhile, the earl, a war hero and the fantasy of every young maiden, is rushing to get married so that he can pass on his title and inheritance to his own child. When the earl learns that Penny’s deceived him, he is filled with rage. He proclaims that he will divorce her if she cannot bear him a successor, but then he steals a kiss!

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I quite liked it 5  5

The hero and heroine are quite their own individuals from the heroine being an intuitive blind twin who loves and is loved by her family with the exception of her older half-brother to the hero who’s got a gruff exterior, but is actually a good guy. The heroine wasn’t blind from birth but from an accident when her half brother shot his gun as a prank beside her horse. The horse bucked and she fell, hitting her head that caused her to go blind. It started a rift between her father and brother because father would have allowed the son to come back if he realized the wrong he committed and apologized. This is something the cad never did. Unfortunately, the father dies and thanks to their society’s culture, the heroine’s family are at the brother’s mercy. What’s more unfortunate is the man is a compulsive gambler who is at the mercy of his debtors, desperate enough to fulfill any requests to pay his debts, and get a little extra to feed his addiction. This is where the hero comes in; he’s a man on the hunt for a 2nd wife, keeping love off the table. The last time he did it, the woman he loved left him and died a scandalous death abroad. The whole thing made him a once bitter and twice shy fellow. Plus, his last lover tried to shackle him by attempting to send a false announcement they are engaged. The whole thing was stopped thanks to the paper’s editor. He meets the heroine’s half-brother and the man accumulates a large debt to the hero. The hero only offers to forget the debt if the brother gives his sister whom he danced with once in holy matrimony. The brother can barely compose himself, dancing with joy of killing two birds with one stone: getting rid of a sister and a debt. He comes home for the first time in a while as the sister is announcing her engagement to another man. The heroine is able to convince and find loopholes in the hero’s letter that he wants to marry the brother’s sister, it never specifics which one. The heroine with her iron spine manages to get the brother not only to agree to the switch but also to sign a contract where he’s restricted from using the family’s funds on whim. They manage to fool the hero during the whole ceremony. It’s after they spend some time (hero listing the heroine is only a babymaker who he will divorce if she can’t produce an heir within 3 years) in the carriage, the hero realizes he’s been tricked. The man rants about how they cruelly deceived him. I loved how the heroine bit back how can he whine when he couldn’t even remember her sister’s name. The guy throws a tantrum, saying some awful words. However, the man starts changing his tune once they arrive at his home. He tells his staff to be extra attentive to the heroine and even walks around with his eyes closed to get a sense of what it means to be blind. While all this is happening, the hero’s ex-lover and his current heir conspire to break the married couple apart. We head back to our main couple where the hero apologizes for his horrible behavior towards her. The heroine apologizes for her part in deceiving the hero. It signifies the start of their relationship. Then his uncouth crummy cousin/his next heir comes along to stir up trouble. He’s a great danger that even the heroine’s dog can’t help but raise its hackles at the man. He tries to sow lies and discord between the hero and heroine but fails when the hero gives him a real good sucker punch. They meet with friends and family, becoming a rather bittersweet. The hero unleashes all his worries about binding the heroine to him without considering her well-being but only her sister and her catch part of the conversation. The heroine believes the hero is regretting their marriage; yet, she plans to keep a stiff upper lip. Then they go to party, having no idea of the sinister plot that awaits them. They make a great impression at the party guests till the hero’s ex-lover appears doing the usual things like clinging onto the hero and “accidently” tearing the heroine’s dress. Our couple separate and the heroine gets kidnapped by the Cousin. The hero is forewarned by the injured maid whose description of the kidnapper matches his cousin. The heroine’s twin reveals the cousin has always made unwanted advances on the heroine. They’re able to quickly figure out the OW was the cousin’s accomplice and their destination. They catch up to the carriage but in the scuffle, the carriage overturns and the heroine hits her head. The heroine lies in a coma for days as the hero watches over her tirelessly. The sister tells them they overheard his conversation and he explains he regretted the way they got married. He felt guilt for treating her as a commodity and his first reaction to her blindness. How he’s fallen deeply in love and wishes she felt the same. The sister chastises him for his thoughts because the heroine was already in love with him. Moments later, the heroine wakes up with the miracle that her sights returned. They hug, kiss, exclaim their love for each other. In the end, the hero’s ex-heir gets exiled to Australia and ex-lover got exiled from social circles, causing her to run away to the Americas. And our main couple are celebrating the birth of their twins.

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