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The condition for her to receive her Cinderella inheritance is... Pregnancy!?

Hannah was a lonely seamstress who was separated from her parents at the age of three. Working her day job at a high-end men's clothing store, she also dreamed of one day opening her own store, but one day she was told a shocking truth. She was the granddaughter of a wealthy man, and the sole heir to his fortune. How could I be the only heir? But in order to receive her inheritance, she must become pregnant within six months. Hannah had no boyfriend or boyfriend, so she asked her client Yaeger, who she had been talking to for a long time, to help her. He was an attractive businessman who was also popular with women, and he seemed like a perfect match for a sperm donor, but then he came up with three unexpected conditions...

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I really enjoyed it 5  5

The whole plot and its characters was fun, refreshing, a real delight to read. Our heroine and hero know each other through the hero being the heroine’s most frustrating customer. He always brings in their tailored shirts and suits in tatters. His excuse: his business as the president of a travel company with one of it’s best selling points in active outdoors from kayaking to running with oxen. Despite the heroine’s anger towards the hero’s treatment towards his clothes, they have a healthy friendly relationship. Then the heroine’s little world is turned upside down with the sudden appearance of an attorney. He’s her paternal grandfather’s lawyer, delivering the news that she’s the sole inheritor of her grandfather massive fortune. It turns out her biological father was a domestic abuser, scaring the heroine’s mother into running then hiding away. It was because she feared her in-laws would take her little girl. However, the husband overdosed and she died young from illness, causing the heroine to be placed in the orphanage. All that’s left for the heroine to inherit is a DNA test, proving her legitimacy……….and a baby. Yep, dear ole’ granddaddy has some weird condition that the heroine must be pregnant by a six month deadline or get a paltry sum. The heroine has no idea what to do till the hero comes by. She unleashes her woes then makes the bizarre proposal: asks the hero to be her sperm donor. The hero initially refuses by using his guilt for failing to save his best friend/co-founder/ closest thing to family in a cliff-climbing accident. Until he gets “visited” by his ghostly friend who encourages him to call her back & retract his decision. He opens up wanting to leave proof of his existence and gives his own list of conditions for their arrangement: the baby has his best friend’s name, let him be involved in the child’s growth, and their method of conception be NATURAL. The last one really threw the heroine in for a loop but she agrees to it. So, they spend the next couple of months going on trips during the heroine’s ovulation periods. I loved how the hero showed his fun activities like kayaking but thought about what would be comfortable as well as fun for the heroine like Glamping. I really like going through the pages, seeing their relationship nurture and develop as they enjoyed each other’s company both in and out of bed. Then seeing how they comforted, encouraged, and supported when the heroine’s test comes back negative. They slowly find themselves for falling each other. The hero decides he wants to be with the heroine forever. He takes a leap by proposing to her and then she refuses hotly. She uses the excuse the hero would never be satisfied with just her and using her parents’ horrendous marriage as a reason. The hurt hero responds how his proposal was only because he pitied her, making the trip back to New York an icy one. They spend some time apart, feeling miserable and empty. He goes to see her one more time, giving her courage to do one more trip. They stay in New York to do all the cheesy tourist activities like riding the horse drawn carriage. Things the hero and his friend mocked; and yet, he finds himself enjoying it because he’s with the heroine. The whole thing sets them to have one more night together. By then the hero confesses his love for the heroine. He proposes and she replies yes with a kiss. In the end, they decide to forgo the inheritance but find out on their wedding day, right before the deadline that the heroine is indeed expecting. They use the inheritance to save the neighborhood and have an adorable little tomboy who has her father wrapped around her finger.

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