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I am the one who continues to deceive the person I love most in this world...

Sadie was saved from falling into the sea by a young man named Zachary. He told her about the beautiful cotton fields in his hometown. Five years later... Sadie visited Zachary's hometown and met him again. She found out that his hometown was in trouble and his cotton fields were gone. I want to be happy, but there is no way I can be forgiven. Because I'm deceiving him now...

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Great Content, Bad Title 4  4

The title, “Expecting His Secret Heir,” was totally wrong for the whole story. If it had been, “Seeking The Secret Heir” then it would have been perfect. Our main couple meet five years prior to the book’s current timeline, during the hero’s military service. The two had a short sweet talk and separated it at that till the heroine popped up out of nowhere in the guy’s hometown after the conclusion of book 1’s, “Blackstone’s heir”. The hero’s company has been hired after the attempted arson on the town’s factory and cotton fields. The heroine ends up staying at his family’s hotel and despite earning everyone’s welcome, the man’s grandmother senses the heroine is hiding a secret. The woman’s intuition isn’t far off because as the hero and heroine grow closer and closer, the hero senses something is amiss with the heroine. For example, her frantic reaction when he hands her phone as a text is coming in. However, he doesn’t go any further because he’s afraid of opening up from seeing his mother’s devastation after his father abandoned them for another woman to seeing how friend’s widow fall into despair after his death. Apart from his family history, the heroine learns about his military accident where almost all of his squad got killed over communication system problems. The hero still blames himself even though he wasn’t at fault. Then we see the heroine’s conversation, leading us to suspect she might be paparazzi or something. The other caller appears on the morning of the party, he intimidates the heroine to get whatever kind of dirt on the hero or make anything up. Her “Boss” reveals his plan to cut the brakes on the hero’s car in order to cause a great accident. The whole thing would smear his reputation. The heroine is unable to allow such an incident happen and jumps in front of the hero’s car. He swerves, realizing the brakes don’t work and crashes. Once the hero wakes and learns of the heroine’s disappearance, he looks at the flash drive she left him. In it reveals the whole truth: she’s a maid who worked at his father’s mansion. The father was the only heir to his family’s fortune but he hated his family’s social dynamics of being cruel to others they deemed the lesser. He left and met the hero’s mother till he was pushed to go back and “continue the family line”. He lied about loving someone new and never stopped worrying about the hero. He married the “right” woman and had children with her who only shared the same values as the rest of his materialistic family. Then on his deathbed, he left his entire wealth to the hero and not his other son. The other son had a fit because he 1) is a greedy person, 2) already spent his mother’s inheritance, & 3) is one of those snobs. His brother extorted the heroine to find whatever kind of dirt she could find on the hero. He used her job, her debt, and her sick brother as means of pressure. Right after reading her letter, the hero is introduced to his father’s lawyer who has deemed him suitable to receive his inheritance. However, the hero races after the heroine and comes in the nick of time as his half-brother is about to lay a hand on her. The hero pulls his military pose and his, “I own this estate”. Right there, the lawyer comes in with the big news for the brother: You’re going to jail for your crimes of tampering with the car, attempted assault, but they forgot to add in extortion. After the man is sent away, the hero and heroine have a love confession. We fast forward some years where the heroine’s photo album has been published.

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Great but title is off 4  4

It’s a great story and beautiful but the title is completely different and threw me off. Really had nothing to do heirs or secrets babies. Then again after reading the story maybe? You decide really. But again I did love it.

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