Romantic Suspense RIDER ON FIRE

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“The man who saved me has some sort of mysterious powers?”

Sonora is a DEA agent. While on a mission, she shoots a mafia boss. They’re now out for her life after what she’s done. In order to escape her pursuant, Sonora continues on her journey and ends up arriving at a small village. It is there that a man named Adam Two Eagles is waiting for her. It should be their first time ever meeting, but Sonora recognizes his eyes... He was the mysterious man who would appear in Sonora’s dreams every single night! Sonora and Adam are guided by a mysterious power as their fates become intertwined and begin to move as one!

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Quite an Interesting Tale 4  4

Our heroine is an DEA agent, who’s gone into hiding by orders of her boss since she killed a vengeful cartel boss’s brother. She motorcycles her way across the U.S., trying to keep a low profile until supernatural forces lead her on a dirt path road to an old man and his companion. The heroine seems to be handling the whole thing well till she meets her father, discovering she’s not half latinx but half Native-American. It turns out her native American father fell in love with a white girl but her parents didn’t approve of him because of his background. They took his girlfriend away and he never heard from her again. According to the heroine, she was abandoned outside a church’s door and spent her childhood being shuffled between foster homes. I found myself quite intrigued with how well the heroine is taking it all in from discovering her birth father, magic, and learning the tragic news that her friend was died from his injuries when being tortured by the cartel for information on her whereabouts. I also almost forgot to mention our main couple confess their love too. As the heroine spends time with her father and falling in love with the hero, the vengeful cartel has run into bad luck. His second in command steals his position right from under his nose to being on the run from his own family after an attempt to take back his position resulted in his uncle/head honcho’s successor/son getting killed. The guy is low on cash, resources, and when he sees the heroine and attempts to kill her, he gets into a serious accident that messes him up real bad. When I mean bad, I mean he’s become the cross between Dr. Frankenstein’s monster and Dorian Gray’s portrait. The villain makes one last attempt to kill the heroine and the hero begs to the ancestors to save the heroine. The ancestors answer………by sending a bolt of lightning down on the villain’s head, completely frying if not burning the guy to a crisp. In the end, it looks likes the heroine has retired and is living with the hero and father as they eagerly await the arrival of the newest member of their family. It did strike me as curious that we never knew if the heroine used her Federal resources to look up what happened to her birth mother in the first place since her father knew the woman’s full name and physical description. Not to mention other details like date of birth, where she was born & such.

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